Please stop ads in middle of gameplay

Since the new update, I am getting ads that pop up mid mission like while the mech is walking around, without option to watch ad, it just starts playing. It is incredibly annoying.

Watching ads for extra tokens, after death, or for extra cards, all these are optional and do not interrupt gameplay.

Having forced ads that pop up during gameplay is very annoying.

Why the change? Is this a bug??? If you really want people to pay for subscription you should make the prices or rewards more reasonable…



You can play in facebook and there’s no ad…

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It only just started doing this, now it does it like once per mission…

But you cannot watch ad to get tokens or cards, the good new is the ad will never pop up.

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You are right it is quite annoying having ads pop up randomly

and I got another ad before that but didn’t take a photo


If I’m not mistaken, edge allows you to use ad block or my personal favorite uBlock Origin.

Just install it from the windows store.

Should solve your problems there. As for mobile, that’s a tricky one, because even on puffin it did the same a month or so back for me as well. Every fight in a mission, an ad would pop up. so idk for that.