Please Report this persons :') he Thief ... And name is BabyShark from clan Little Lose Your Lose

Please report this person

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Get their acc details

Wait I have a suggestion for a new one, respond with the entire script of the Bee Movie

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Nunca se se venden cuentas por que es para mi algo absurdo regalar una parte de mi vida no no no no eso nuca

Sadly, I can’t edit anymore, as it isn’t a wiki and it is over 60 days.

Oh damn, guess it’s time for a redux

interesting story

He person on little lose

Saying no u is only for normies but ok

He’s not a thief.

A thief just steals your crap regardless of what you do or say.He doesn’t listen.Most of the time,you don’t even get to know who he is,as he will stay hidden and disappear once your stuff is gone.

And he’s not a scammer.He’s a guy asking for account,trying to fool idiots.

And if you give him your account only because he asked you…Then you’re not a victim,you’re an idiot that should be laughed at and not helped.

People,stop being dumb.

If I asked you to give me your house,you would give it to me.And then you’d cry that I am a thief…when I asked for the keys and you were kind enough to just hand them to me for no reason.

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Really ? Talk more ■■■■■


Did you give him your account?Yes you did.

Have you ever seen an warning that it says never give pass and user to anyone?
Na fam I’m cool that you’re blind,you messed up this peaceful persons acc lol.

Case closed…

Tyrion Lannister