Please! Remove the legacy shield from the game!


Gotta agree here too…
The Sheild does provide an unfair advantage.
But the thing is, it only bothers the top players, which are extremely less.
(It bothers me too, I am rank 9, but hey, for me it is just 1 loss, not like I am gonna lose a medal if I lose the battle or anything)


I should add that these shields are very light (they fit in any hole of weight) and very easy to use in the current game, since most mechs now carry good energy and heat modules, and not that they carry energy or heat modules by the shields ! Absolutely no! They have good modules to protect themselves from the energy or heat mechs … but the change also helps (to some), to place these legacy shields.


The fact that it bothers only a few doesn´t mean that it´s fair.

Keeping these shields is still wrong and unfair anyway, whether it only affects 1 player or a hundred.

And when there is an injustice or something wrong, and someone “lets it go”, because “it doesn´t affect me”, keep in mind that since the error is still there, one day maybe it may touch you.


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I have already flagged it.


But that handful of players is taking advantage of an injustice against another handful of players.

Now, if these legacy shields are not removed from the game and if everything remains the same, the handful of players that use the legacy shield will remain the same, but those that are damaged by the situation are potentially all, and the number sehrely goes to increase.

Then it´s better to take action now. Not only to correct an injustice that occurs now with a few, but to avoid and nip in the bud a problem that can (and surely will be if nothing is done), more widespread in the future.

It’s like saying “Oh come on, why am I going to take action if the epidemic has not yet reached the door of my house?”


I don’t see so many advantages. I’m using shields but I can’t reach top 10 permanently. TbH top 10 is full of non-shields users


How about besty lol


The shield I know you is heat … and the heat shields are not really good.

I had to play vs. you and the shield ends up overheating mech.

Frankly, the heat shield isn´t the same as the energy shield.


Bestplayer carries an energy shield. That is different.


How about instead of removing legacy shields, Add them back?


I dont think they want to go back to the past or resuscitate items from the past. It seems more possible to me to make new shields.


Ah, Well good to know


Removing the shields will only anger the legacy players who keep it for nostalgia and worked hard to get it.

This will only cause more problems. Adding the shields, either new ones or reviving them seems much fair to me. Not only legacy players can keep their legacy, newer players can have the same advantages as they have.

Regardless of what happens, I will continue to support the idea of NOT deleting shields. Mine may have been turned into a power kit (which is a dumb decision lol) I want that beautiful octagon back.


well, i am a legacy player, and i’ve had my choise to keep those items, but for stupidity or lack of oversite (don’t remember which) i converted them
except a firewall which i still use
however, in my class (9-10) i,ve encountered with shield users and double hook and charge and teleport users
it seems to me the biggest advantage (against me) are the double use items
the shields (either the user dont know how to use properly or just do not realise it) actually gives me a slight advantage, because it heats or drais the enemy FASTER than just their weapons heat/energy cost plus my heat/energy damage, regardless the actual damage they absorb, and it is just suits me fine…


This topic is basically dedicated to besty’s shield…


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Yes a really great honor for me :exclamation:

I LOVE :sparkling_heart: ALL my legacy items :exclamation:

So if they would be deleted, ALL legacy items need to be deleted …

so ALL players have same situation again … to funny, many do not get that even after years :exclamation:


Very topic, and some wishes never come true :exclamation:



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shields, teleporters, charges, hooks, the knockback weapons (i can’t remember the names) all those items needs to be removed if we want balance