Please! Remove the legacy shield from the game!


I like to include myself in all game related topics. And not bothering about shields either way, is just as valid a viewpoint as those who are troubled by them.

Leaving shields, deleting them, adding new ones, is all the same to me. It’s not really an item that I focus on wanting, or depriving others of.

Thanks for bothering about my not bothering though.


What the duck does this have to do with the topic?
Either state something regarding shield use or not.

hai Gropare, la munca de :pick:


@Wepwawet, shall i just delete the thing and let you run one?
Seems im not telented for that at all.


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Thank you.

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No, only because you do not like that we are against, doen’t mean we are not allowed to tell it here :exclamation:


We are allowed, and you can’t change that :exclamation:



Place a flag on which you think is wrong. It was the advice that Elcent gave me not to start a bad debate.


Follow that simple advice and all will be golden.

Likewise to others.


Ok let’s recap a bit to see what the advantages of the item in question has.

  1. To calculation, since there is a nice legacy shield i forgot about, used wiki(the old one), legacy stuff.
    There is a legacy shield there a rare one at 20%, that takes 2 dmg for 3 energy… thus it is better then the one i used, 1 dmg for 2 energy.
    But there is also another at Epic, for 25 %, that takes 3 dmg for 5 energy.
    So lets use the epic one( this is a gem of a shield).
    400 -70 = 330 dmg.
    330x 25% =83 dmg.
    Drone :
    200 -70 = 130.
    130 x 25 = 33.
    So on a full turn :
    83 + 83 + 33 = 199 dmg negated, by shield.
    For 330 energy.
    Put in the protector : 199 + 210 = 409 dmg negated/ turn.
    Basicly that 1 action point gets back in dmg negated after 1 turn.
    Defenetly a huge advantage on any build if you ask the numbers.
    Talk about sneaky little trick… 409 dmg negated/ turn WoW.
  2. 25% dmg reduction is alot… basicly, it gives you 25% more hp to the build, for the cost of 1 action.
    Now 25% out of 2620 hp mechs =3140 hp, basicly 525 hp plate that u stick in the shield slot.
    Really unfair advantage.
  3. Build a pool with 3 options

Yes remove shields.
No, keep them.
Dont care about it.


From experience I can advise the best possible course of action regarding anything game related:

Send an email to

They will reply accordingly.

These threads get close to zero attention from the devs. Go and see when they were even last on the forums.


That calculation is wrong, because you cannot run a 25% shield on a Physical mech that works (and to win sometimes with) :exclamation:

Ask me, I know it for sure, otherwise I would not have been able to win Single Gold Medals so much, without using shields and with using shields :exclamation:



True here… It is around 200 damage per turn…
Metre accounted for the resist twice, and didn’t account for resist drain either.


The 20% rare shield, that has 2dmg for 3 energy then? Here is the calculations for that also :
400-70= 330
330x20%= 66.
Total dmg saved/shot = 136.
For 99energy
Drone shot :
200 -70 = 130.
130 x 20% = 26.
For 39 energy.
Total dmg saved : 96.
Each turn :
136 + 136 + 96 = 368 dmg negated.
For 99+ 99+ 39 = 237 energy.
A huge advantage since 237 energt regen is easy to obtain with 3 energy modules setups… and it is automaticly regened.


The minus 70 is resist right?


It can be 94 if myth phis protector is used.


I took out the resist drain since it is aplied anyway and it is a linear factor.
And -70 x3( since there are 2 wepon shots and a drone shot )/ turn


Then you shouldn’t be adding the 70 to damage negated, since you are only talking about the higher power of shield users.
So the extra damage negated, when compared to those without a shield is 66+66+26 which is equal to about 158.
I know that that is a lot, but not quite equal to 500.
Edit 2- on a normal mech, negation will be roughly 210, on a shield mech, it will be roughly 370.This is basically only for the first turn, it increases by around 25 per turn(resist is shredded)


It is the context in wich the shield is used and what impact it has if combined with right items.
If no res is taken into account then the shield own power on a mech withou resist is :
400-16 = 384
384 x 20 % = 77.
200- 16 = 184.
184 x 20% = 37.
So without resist : 77+ 77 + 37 = 191.
And the more dmg you take the more it blocks.
At 400 and 200.
80+80+40 = 200.
It basicly negates shreed also. At the cost of energy.
And if you look that a 1v1 confruntation ends in 3-4 turns… a decent cap and regen mech doesnt even get drained.
See the power of it now?


In practice, when you face a mech with statistics similar to yours (HP, resistance, etc.), in the first turn, you think you have some chance of competing.

When you arrives at the 3rd. turn, you will already realize that legacy shield of your adversary, has placed you in inferiority of conditions.

He/she don´t need to carry a 20% shield …! With a legacy shield of 15 it´s enough.


If you want to do a FAIR correct calculation, please calculate in …

  • to use the shield you need a full move, where you could do +400 damage instead + drain
  • you need extra heat and/or energy to be able to use it (2 modul slots :exclamation: )
  • you can overheat or losing all energy using a shield
  • it weights kg, an other disadvantage to use it

… oh so many factors, welcome to SuperMechs :exclamation:

You need to see the whole thing, not to pick only thing out of them, which fit for your arguments :exclamation:



Gotta agree here too…
The Sheild does provide an unfair advantage.
But the thing is, it only bothers the top players, which are extremely less.
(It bothers me too, I am rank 9, but hey, for me it is just 1 loss, not like I am gonna lose a medal if I lose the battle or anything)