Please! Remove the legacy shield from the game!


Why, might I ask?





He/she uses it.


I know what a legacy shield is.
Face them once a while (about 2-3 per season)
And they always win
I don’t like it, and it bothers me.
Which option do I choose?


First one obviously…these options are (no offense LG) really idk, confusing for people to pick without wondering if it’ll show their agreement/disagreement with shields existence.


The second option of this survey is flawed.

5% of the players are those who use legacy shields. And that 5% is not in the low ranges (which are the majority of the players).

Therefore, reason about this.


You simply had to direct the poll to players who know what shields are and who usually face players with legacy shields.

Your survey is wrong.


Edited. İf not ok for you. İll just remove the post…
PS: i think the thread needs a poll. Be it mine or not isn’t the matter.

Edit: Thats actually my very first poll. Man, we never stop learning do we…?


Okay, better now.
20 awesome polls.


Make it simpler, 3 options: 1. I agree with the deletion of the legacy shields. 2. I don´t agree. 3. keep the legacy shields, but give all players the possibility of obtaining shields (new)

If someone doesn´t know what we are talking about because he has never had to face someone with a legacy shield, then it doesn´t make sense for him to vote. Except that he does, for what he would understand, is a matter of justice.


Hmm, ill just make a new one. People started voting, so ill just leave it there. its cool to know some more details.

  • Remove legacy shields
  • Keep legacy shields ONLY if new shields are introduced
  • Keep the shields as they are (not available)
  • For reasons, i do not care

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Thanks for suporting my first poll everybody


Add option: I don’t care either way. Otherwise the poll is still skewed.


Option 1 and and 3 are confusing.
A pool must be clear.
1 remove shield.
2 keep shields.
3 i dont care.
And after that a seperate poll for :
Introduction of new shield :

  1. Yes.
  2. No.
  3. I dont care.


If someone want to test vs my shield … I am in the Arena available …

Battle Results NOT using my shield …

bestplayeroftheworld vs Wepwawet = 10 : 0

bestplayeroftheworld vs ElMetre = 8 : 1

Tested the shield here a lot, often it was a disadvantage …

bestplayeroftheworld vs CadBunny = 16 : 4

… so yes, using my shield vs some, can lead into a huge disadvantage :exclamation:


P.S: all facts, if you do not like facts, not my problem :slight_smile:


If you don’t care for shields being here or not. Why even bother asking for the option to be added?

If no one cares, then don’t reply. Ignore the topic.


We are all allowed to give our opinions about :exclamation:



Lets try to keep civility…


He is right. There just a handfull of players equiped with shields.
I dont think the game should be oriented according to a minority.
“ı dont care”, would mean, “why doe we even bother questioning this thing, its not relevant”


Opinions are one thing. Complete nonsense is another, if you don’t care for what the topic at hand is discussing. Don’t bloody reply, ignore it and move on with your life.

Jesus christ, how difficult is that concept for you guys to accept?