Please! Remove the legacy shield from the game!


I don’t have PP, it’s the only way I have to face a top phys mech


I know. And it is also a heat shield, which are also not the best.

What I need you to tell me is if the shield gives you an advantage or not. Is it the same with shield or without shield?



1 octiliion % NOT CONFIMED


Yes, seriously

Check out these proposed shields…

  1. You can Cast Shield AND Move under ONE action point
  2. You use a fixed amount of Heat or Energy to Cast the Shield, meaning you can’t be Overheated or Energy Broken by just having it on
  3. It is theoretically more powerful as it blocks a percentage of damage no matter high how high (whereas Legacy shield is limited by your remaining heat or energy supply)

The idea is that Reloaded’s Shields have to be sufficiently Superior to Legacy’s Shields, that the old shields become defunct


i agree with taht, but what I said was to completely remove legacy shields, and add totally new shields!
(if i miscommunicated, i am sorry :slight_smile: )


No worries… I believe they can co-exist :grinning:


Shields have never bothered me. I am happy for those who have them.

The most OP legacy items are the dual use utilities. They carry the most advantage of all items. Given a choice between any type of legacy shield or a 1kg Teleporter, I would take the Teleporter any day.

I face many players with shields @vicarious URBU, and others, and they only activate it when they have a spare action, like weapon out of range or something similar. It seems to me like a secondary choice when faced with either firing a weapon or activating a shield. I honestly never find myself at a disadvantage when facing opponents with shields.

Legacy players purchased those items, they deserve to keep them.

When Apple no longer supports a certain device, they do not deactivate it, or demand you trash it. It is your device, you bought it and nobody has the right to take it away. Anything else for that matter.

Legacy players earned their items, leave them alone!

I can guarantee that legacy items will NEVER be deleted. The shield slot was left there for a reason.

People should stop wasting their time with these hopeless threads.

Have a problem with shields, then simple …Git Gud!

@bestplayerintheworld @vicarious enjoy your shiny little shields :wink:

Shields are NOW a problem!

Energy broke Ubru this morning because of his shield. :joy:
I loled, he loled, good times…


I feel so sorry for URBU sometimes. He tries literally EVERYTHING with his builds, but just doesn’t come right.

Some weird shit he pulls sometimes.

But I admire his tenacity and perseverance. Real try hard that one!


Hes extremely creative. Played corner strategy until yesterday. He doesnt give much fak about “metas” and do stuffs his way.
Hes sadely in the process of switching to phys atm. Liked his unic elec style


I swear… i did not know that besty was in lordgorgon’s clan.


Its actually the other way around. Im the noob of the clan.


As are many electricians. Arena shop has screwed up everything with game balance.

I always wonder though, how they can expect to pack enough HP, whilst carrying 50 weapons.

Energy cannot face phys anymore in top ranks. This is an undeniable fact. Not because phys is OP, but because of Arena Shop, and their unwillingness to pack HP instead of weapons.

As much as I accept to lose mostly against heat, they must accept to lose against phys.

You can’t have it three ways!


Yeap. VS is 2 uses. Good lad @TechnoDive is onto something nice. Would he have a phys res, hed waste us all. What does he do? Doesnt give a fak and equiped unlimited use beamers…


No they will just slow down your phone lol


It’s called a nerf.

20 Apple nerfs


This analogy is terrible, as having an older phone doesn’t give you a superior advantage over everyone else

Shields should be deleted for fairness.


My estimated, I really regret it for you, if you lose hope so easily. For despair there are 2 very beautiful words and you yourself have said “tenacity and perseverance”.

I wouldn´t have where I got on this game if I had lost hope. I would not be here if I had listened to all those who tried to made me renounce everything, because they said “here there is no future, this game is closed”. Imagine that neither this game nor this forum would exist if Mr. Rosen, or Mohadib or Alexander or Sarah herself had lost hope every time they were faced with something that seemed “impossible”.

Here, I’m just the monkey, but I’ll keep insisting on this topic or others, until I get the attention of circus owner.

Using a weakness of the system to obtain unfair advantages over others players is a mistake that must be corrected. Almost a bug.

So, you, @Mr.E now know why people insist on placing topics here that according to your own individual thinking “has no hope”. First of all because we don´t see things in the same way that you see it. Secondly because this forum gives us the opportunity or the tools to be heard.

Have a nice day.


Very well said, and good luck with your campaign!



Please! Don’t remove legacy shield from the game!