Please! Remove the legacy shield from the game!


We all know that.

That’s how Ts named them

The reason that they will make old items into a trashy power kits.


EMP has been alredy nerfed and we don’t need another one.

If you’re trying to say ‘‘what are you doing?!’’ then please don’t.


It’s not 2 months! It’s almost 1 year!

And all the items that you mention have an equivalent at this version, with more or less advantages and disadvantages, more or less changes.

But legacy shields have no equivalent.


Plenty of such games. I can give you some example: WORLD OF TANKS.
There were several premium tanks, like the infamous E-25 tank destroyer. It was so stealthy, that you could shoot from the bush undetected. So Wargaming removed it altogether from the shop a year ago. BUT THEY COULD NOT TOUCH THE TANKS PLAYERS ALREADY PURCHASED. So now we have situations where E-25 are still spamming from the bush, but new players cannot buy it. Because it is A LEGACY TANK WITHDRAWN FROM THE SHOP. And this is just one example of many other tanks. And this is an example of just one game I play. I bet there are plenty others I do not know of. Anyone, some more examples?


Im not saying that we should delete them but make a reload version of them.


I was one of the first saying, yes please make new shields available for all :exclamation:



My bad then, I missed that part.


Sorry Wep, but 2-use hooks have no equivalent. Neither do 2-use charges. They are unique cause of 2 uses. Same for the teleport. There are also 2 use teleports, but I prefer the 1 kg version. And perhaps we should wait, because in the future the devs MIGHT INTRODUCE SOMETHING SIMILAR TO SHIELDS? JUST KEEP PLAYING AND WAIT FOR THINGS TO DEVELOP!


Oh! But here is a difference!

After almost 1 year all the deadlines to claim have expired!

However, if a newer buyer feels and demonstrates that the old tanks are an unfair advantage, then that one can claim!

If you are a paying player, you have the right to claim. But he loses all claim rights 10 months later!

You are going to be 20 years old in the game and will you believe that you have the right to continue holding legacy shields because you bought them 20 years ago?



Are you dev now :question:

I am +5 years now in this game and I am still allowed to hold all my Single Gold Medals (+ my shields) :exclamation:



On that, ihave sweet example:
i own a very special mobile phone number.
Some short sighted cell providers made a milenium offer in 2000. Unilimited phone calls, unlimited data for 110euros/month. From whereever to whereever in the world. The shet was a limited serie special offer stuff. Like 500 of them have been issued.
That was before digital era.
Im traveling a lot and am abusing the thing of course. Its been 10 years that they are triying to buy it back from me (for no small money), to no avail of course. Alwys cracks me open when i have my yearly buy back proposal…


Laws that protect the consumer are different according to the item in question and the use of the goods (and obviously according to the residence country of buyer).

In the case of goods acquired in online games, the term may vary between 14 days and 30 days. In no case more than 30 days.

The same, here we are not talking about telephones, but about legacy shields that need to be removed from the game.


May I translate …

“Best won to much - 4 out of 6 weekly tournaments - we need a change :exclamation:


Shields are very well balanced, nothing wrong with it …

  • to use the shield you need a full move, where you could do +400 damage instead
  • you need extra heat and energy to be able to use it (2 modul slots :exclamation: )
  • you can overheat or losing all energy using a shield

No issue at all :exclamation:

And if you talk about deleting a Legacy item, you need to talk about ALL Legacy items …

  • 1 kg Teleport
  • 2 uses Special Items (Hook, Charge)
  • push weapons
  • non energy use drones
  • etc. etc. etc.



Nevermind, I see your point now. Legacy items.
My bad.


Thats not really similar since your package price doesn’t have any influance on the other, newer customers prices.



I guess that some players are hating my shield


İ hereby confirm

20 confirms


Nope, but other/new customer can feel facked.
Was just a story, example can of course not be applied as is.


Hey @Vicarious89… what is the reason why you wear a legacy shield?


Here’s how the problem should be solved quickly.

Everyone stop posting ideas of new weapons. Eventually the devs will focus on bringing the shields back lol.


To calculation, since there is a nice legacy shield i forgot about, used wiki(the old one), legacy stuff.
There is a legacy shield there a rare one at 20%, that takes 2 dmg for 3 energy… thus it is better then the one i used, 1 dmg for 2 energy.
But there is also another at Epic, for 25 %, that takes 3 dmg for 5 energy.
So lets use the epic one( this is a gem of a shield).
400 -70 = 330 dmg.
330x 25% =83 dmg.
Drone :
200 -70 = 130.
130 x 25 = 33.
So on a full turn :
83 + 83 + 33 = 199 dmg negated, by shield.
For 330 energy.
Put in the protector : 199 + 210 = 409 dmg negated/ turn.
Basicly that 1 action point gets back in dmg negated after 1 turn.
Defenetly a huge advantage on any build if you ask the numbers.
Talk about sneaky little trick… 409 dmg negated/ turn WoW.