Please! Remove the legacy shield from the game!


Thank you very very very much @Wepwawet for this huge compliment :exclamation:

These words coming from you means a lot to me … :sparkling_heart: :exclamation:



Yes …

1 shield = 1 Platinum Plate :exclamation:

Great idea :exclamation: :white_check_mark:


God thanks I save some shields :exclamation:



Well that would be hmm a “salty” price,and too much for a shield since that s one of the most wanted items(the most wanted in my opinion)

100 tokens per shield seems fair,there are players with 4 or 5 shields,so those will get 500 tokens from it

With those tokens you can get 10 legendary cards during a portal(with a decent drop rate) and even if those legys are food,can be used to myth stuff

Maybe some gold too
Like 1-2 milions


Difference is … while the smart person can stay more or less constant on his place, the opportunist can only locate himself well when a weakness of the system allows it. If the opportunity or weakness disappears, the opportunist loses his place.

Thus, the opportunist alternates good periods with bad periods, is unable to maintain his place in the group when the “opportunity” disappears.


Opportunist lacks the capacity to adapt to changes, which is why he protests when a new item is too much for his ability to adapt. He is the typical one that asks for the nerf of everything that bothers him.

And by the way, he will defend his “opportunity” swashbuckling, because of this weakness of the system, depends his place in the group.


Sorry - I cannot understand what you mean with this :exclamation::question:



What I cannot understand, is how you said that the game is balanced now, when, that balance (at least for you), depends on an item that most players have no chance of obtaining.

You speak of a balanced modern game, and for you that balance depends on an item so old that it´s as if it came from another game.

That´s I don´t understand.


1 shield=1 fortune box.

Sounds fair my fellas?


Who says that :question:

You say this, not me … so please do not say thing I would have said, which is not true :slight_smile: :exclamation:


P.S.: it is not my fault that you boosted away the good items - play clever - be clever - stay clever :slight_smile:


It is true but it’s really unfair having those great old items.


As i said.
1 removing shield=1 fortune box.
Hope you agree on this one.


I´m sorry.

I never liked that people used the weaknesses of systems to walk on top of me, therefore, I don´t do it with others either.

“It’s just a game, but how you behave in the game is how you behave in life.”

Many times I complained about unfair play, so don´t ask me to behave like any opportunist.


Well said


What a pitty you cannot change anything :exclamation:

I will still use my shield, and I will also hold my shield :exclamation:

Same as you do use your Legacy item 1 kg Teleport :exclamation:

But nice try :exclamation:


There is a little mistake … it is not “I don’t do” … it must be “I can’t do” :exclamation:



@Wepwawet Is it true that you use a 1kg teleport?


Yes. I use 1 on each mech.

I’m overweight to place 1 current teleport in 1 of mechs and I just got 1 legendary teleport at portal, so I’m going to change 1.

The modern one serves me more because it made dmg and the energy consumption is almost the same.


I’m sorry but that’s unfair too.
Either you leave shields soo that we won’t remove old tele.
Or either you do it but removing old tele.

I gotta do it fair wep,it’s a buisnies.


WHAT … you use the advantage of Legacy Items and you started this thread (“Witch Hunt”) :question:





You make a topic about removing a legacy item that gives an unfair advantage, yet you have one yourself?

Do you support the removal of the legacy teleports as well?


Teleports have a modern equivalent. That is the difference with the shield! Shield has no equivalent.

The fact that weighs 10 kg. less it can be useful in certain constructions, but it does not have damage either. So I dare say that the modern teleport is better.

The bully is another old item, which however has an equivalent in this version (the repulsor). Although the bully is lighter than the repulsor and more useful, I do not think the bully is unfair, since it has an equivalent on this version.

And by the way … if someone wants to start a topic to eliminate the legacy teleport, happy to have my support. In fact, in the first message I wrote about this I asked for the removal of legacy shields and legacy teleports.