Please! Remove the legacy shield from the game!



I alredy know who.


So this thread is back to life.
@Mechiavelli, Misfit is both an excellent player and builder. Limitating his current achievments/performance to his use of shield couldnt be more wrong.
Btw, @El_Metre, we test battled yesterday, and his shield didnt save him. Its at best a suporting item (that needs to be used carefully at that), that might be enough to orient the win rate slightly in favor of Misfit if against an oponent close in power. But far from enough to make it jump realms.


Not quite. I already had an AP/AE energy mech with 1760* HP and 700/400+ energy stats when a commotion was stirred about shields again. I decided since I have a shield I’d see for myself the challenges and advantages it would end up providing and I then made a detailed report on my findings (the post you’re responding to). I always find field tests are much more valuable than hypothetical calculations and thought experiments as everything you hadn’t considered becomes apparent to you when it comes to practically executing ideas.

It’s no secret. I said it myself at the time that I had been inspired by your comments in the EMP thread to try out some of the energy torsos. I have maxing a grim reaper on my to do list as well to play around with but it’s been put on the back burner for now so I can work on my phys since my energies now function fine. There’s no reason to be passive aggressive about this.

No. I wouldn’t say it is needed as much as it is helpful. And testing it yielded fairly mixed results. First I tested against Michelle and lost most tests. Tested more with fire and got a fairly even outcome. Sometimes he just put me over and sometimes I only just survived. I then tested against E in a 2v2 and my first mech did very well and I decided it has potential but he went on to win the 2v2. Against gorgon like he says it did very poorly despite the shield. Like I said in my post I do like the shield. It’s a nice way to utilise high energy stats for extra strength against the phys beasts that we see everywhere these days which is why I continue to support as I always have done the introduction of new shields. However where I have to take issue is the over exaggeration of the shields benefits from you and wep. It deffinitwly is not critical to my builds success and it definitely doesn’t guarantee success either. It worked well as an anti phys mech before and I was scoring wins against players such as canopy with it back then. The shield is just a nice little bonus. I would love to see it made available for all the pure energies out their struggling to deal with phys claws. I don’t think it’s unbalanced at all.

Nope. Like I said I already had that mech as an anti phys. It suited that purpose quite well due to its large coverage of high drain weapons. It had a semi-blind spot as it still does at range 3 where I put a bunker which players often attempted to take advantage of but often I was able to handle that well enough. I don’t understand why you’re being such a dick honestly. I’m not some evil two faced mastermind who lies about shields while secretly plotting to become OP and crush the little guy. As I’ve said. Shields are nice. Everyone should be able to get them imo. They aren’t op tho. And I deffinitwly didn’t rush to make a mech based on your calculations maniacally laughing all the while.

Maybe I’ll be more willing to take a lecture on not hiding shit when you finally release the evidence that proves your nephew doesn’t use a plat plate you promised weeks ago. Kinda hypocritical considering you demanded evidence which I provided then refuse to do the same. In any case I hide nothing here. I have been fully transparent. I brought up my use of the shield. I openly talked about the advantages. Just beause I balanced it with some challenges I faced doesn’t mean I’m “hiding” anything.

Uh huh but a build targeting two types doesn’t make it op. It still losss to those two types sometimes and you should see how it crumbles to even the weakest of heat mechs.



20 very touché


Good insights mate as always. Especially liked the practical approach here. Calculations are nice to have an idea. For real business, thats on the field…


I love it when you speak french bro…


Je t’aime, mon amour :heart_eyes:


I didn’t say that he is a bad player, he is a pretty skilled one… I saw him in top 10 several times but this was the first time I saw him in the top. So I assumed that the little advantage the shield could give was enough to move him from top 10 from a little higher, even the top.


Yes fully transperant to actualy showing that my calculations were corect.
Further more, the so conclusive fight against Lordy’s anty energy mech shows that luck is a crucial part of the game.
Furthermore, that move you made of pulling out drone instead of a nice bunker and valiant, proved nicecly bad.
Furthermore, it just proves the fact that, even with shield beeing effective counter to phis, counter energy phis wash up even counter phis energy.
Your curiosity towards my former account, if it has or not a plat plat, looks like a lame try to diverge the topic.
Sitting on 6 platplats, all protectors, just like the rest of the cheering team of your clan, you linger on a might or might not plate that a certain account has… that is weak.
Little one, numbers don’t lie, and just show the advantages of legacy shields over those that dont have. Again thank you for proving my numbers, like a good sports.
Shields provide an ubfair advantage, and the numbers shown by me, are proven by you and others in the arena, good job.
Now be a good lad, and validate some other numbers, i have shown what the advantages are, and you proved them.
It is an unfair advantage.


My transparency also balanced your one sided argument which focussed only on the benefits of the shield without the disadvantages it poses. And it was you who said I was “hiding” the benefits when in fact all I was doing was also acknowledging the drawbacks. If anyone is being one sided here it’s you and wep.

Definitely is. So how are shields therefore OP?

Wouldn’t say that. In this battle the PAE beat the EAP bit if you look at my 2v2 with E (not sure if it’s still in my list or not will screen record both battles when I get back if they are and maybe fight a few more with them if they are available) my EAP dominated his PAE. Focusing on just one sample doesn’t show anything if we consider both we can see that a shielded EAP is actually pretty balanced for fights against PAE. I can’t stress enough how great I think new shields would be.

It was more a comeback when you claimed I was trying to hide shit. It was a bit of a quick “look who’s talking” type comment before I got back on topic. I gave a fairly lengthy chunk of on topic content in that post please do have some intellectual charity in assuming diversion was not my aim. And I will point out you are the one who made the first character attack by assuming my motive was to “hide” my true thoughts on shields.

Not that is important but I actually only have 5 plates and until yesterday had no claw at all. Who’s the one diverting the topic again?

I didn’t care about it until you tried to deny the obvious. I couldn’t have cared less if you had 30 of the wretched things but the fact is you requested evidence which I provided and you have yet to disprove it despite promising you would. Then you have the gaul to saunter in here and claim I am the one who is trying to be sneaky and hide things? Now I find THAT pretty weak.

Oh for pitty’s sake would you just get a grip for a moment and realise I never denied a thing. I myself spoke openly about the reduction in my opponents damage. The point you are missing is that this reduction must be measured against the challenges: many modules must be dedicated to energy, the mech becomes no longer viable against heat, the shield can only be deployed against phys, a turn is missed in deployment which could be spent draining. Why do you have to take such a hostile attitude? If I was to take a stab likewise I’d say it’s you who is not over the plat plate controversy, not me. And you speak of it being unfair as it’s not available to all players. Well, my solution is reintroduce shields. A much nicer solution than delete all shields which wep is so fond of.


Ladies and gentlemen … here it seems that we speak different languages.

  • Tested in dozens of occasions during the previous version that shields provide extra protection. Losing 1 shot to light shield is no problem, it recovers in the second turn. A 15 or 20% shield defines a battle if the HP difference between you and your opponent is not greater than 400/500 HP.

  • In the current version, if you use your legacy shield and your opponent has more than 500 HP points that you (and good resistance), there will be no shield worth. That’s clear. If HP is notoriously higher, a shield of 15 or 20% will lose you anyway or it will leave the battle tied.

  • Whether it is too much or too little, the legacy shield is still an unfair advantage because most players haven´t access to this item. Not available. Does not exist.

  • Bring new shields only solves part of problem, because if it´s very difficult to obtain, those who use the legacy will continue to have their unfair advantage for a long time.

  • The right thing here is to eliminate or neutralize (by removing its power) the legacy shields.


Here is debate is not centered around whether the legacy shields are OP or are not OP. That may be the least important.

The debate here is to consider that those who use a legacy shield are making use of an unfair advantage against opponents who, even if they want to wear a shield, cannot or haven´t a way to obtain one of these.

Why do we have to pose this kind of war between the old players and those who have less than 1 year on the game? All people have the right to fair battles. It doesn´t matter if they are old donkeys or new horses.


If using items of the game like …

  • 1 kg Teleport
  • 2 uses Special Items (Hook, Charge)
  • push weapons
  • shields

… would be a “little unfair advantage” you also use 1 kg Teleport, so you also use unfair advantage yourself :exclamation:



Oh now I see from where your anger came from … yes HardToKill SUPPORT this game a lot :exclamation:

Thanks a lot for your explanation - everything clear now :exclamation:


  • Legacy teleports have an equivalent in current version. It isn´t at all the same case of the legacy shield, which has no equivalent.

  • 1 Kg. Legacy shield is 10 kg. lighter than a current teleport, but it has no damage and consumes almost the same amount of energy!

  • 2 uses charge and hook consume energy and have less damage than in the current version!

  • 2 uses teleport consumes 4 times more energy than the current teleport.

Therefore, if these legacy items (teleport, charge and hook), represent advantage in some sense (and for someone it may make more sense than for others), it is also quite minimized by their equivalent in the current version.

I reiterate, legacy shield has no equivalent in current version. Neither better nor worse, it has not!


Shields are very well balanced, nothing wrong with it …

to use the shield you need a full move, where you could do +400 damage instead
you need extra heat and energy to be able to use it (2 modul slots :exclamation: )
you can overheat or losing all energy using a shield
it weights kg, an other disadvantage to use it
No issue at all :exclamation:

And if you talk about deleting a Legacy item, you need to talk about ALL Legacy items …

  • 1 kg Teleport
  • 2 uses Special Items (Hook, Charge)
  • push weapons
  • non energy use drones
  • etc. etc. etc.


P.S. only because some boosted their Legacy Items away, no need to start a “Witch Hunt” against the clever ones who didn’t :wink:


if it has so many disadvantages … why you and other players use them?

You have spoken here many times about the “disadvantages” of using a legacy shield, but you seem not to be convinced of what you say yourself. Because you yourself (like other old players), continue to use it.

What´s the reason then?


You use weapons :interrobang:

Why you use them :question:

You use better weapons than others :exclamation:

Why you use them :question:

WE are ALLOWED to us our stuff we have, only because you used them for the Legacy Converter, do not mean others cannot use them :exclamation:



You call that “clever.” I call that “opportunism.”

Smart consists of the ability to adapt to new situations.

Opportunism is to use a weakness of system to compete, when someone is unable to adapt to a new situation.

In Spanish there is a word that has no English equivalent: “ventajero”.


Ok let s chill out
What if players will get a motivation to gave their shields and legacy stuffs?
100 tokens per shield?
50 tokens per teleport
30 tokens per repulser

I try to be objective

Shields,repulsers,1 k teleports, are op,i agree

You can t force the owners to fuse them,i agree