Please! Remove the legacy shield from the game!


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Jesus christ what was happening on this topic


I wonder how my shield can cause so much frustration :exclamation:

It’s just a single legacy item :exclamation:

So … IF someone wish that some legacy items should been removed,
ALL legacy items need to be involved, not only some, only because I use them :exclamation:

  • 1 kg Teleport
  • 2 uses Special Items (Hook, Charge)
  • push weapons
  • non energy use drones
  • etc. etc. etc.



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Met a lot of them liars yes :joy::joy:


This topic is temporarily closed for 4 hours due to a large number of community flags.


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Holy moly, look at how many times has this topic closed


Read again, i was mentioning another coment of yours, that has a snob interpretation, of instigation.

this one



And this is topic :question:

You see how stupid such arguments are :question:



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I have been experimenting with a 25% energy shield in arena for the past couple of days and have some insights to share. I used the shield on a drain focussed energy mech intended for use against energies and physicals. Therefore I can’t attest to the practical experience of a high energy phys using a shield.

The problems

The first issue I encountered using a shield was the limited scope of use. My energy shield could only ever be deployed against physicals. This is because I needed to dedicate so many modules to maintaining this shield that I had heat stats such that it could never be a viable mech to use against heats. Against energy I obviously can’t deploy an energy shield or I’ll be drained faster than I can say “I meant to click drone”. Secondly, I found even against physicals it’s usefulness is more limited than you might think. Using one move to activate shield is one move that could be spent using vs or ash creator. So If activating a shield means you sacrificing an energy break it could mean that while his weapon damage is reduced, he gets to fire another energy use weapon instead of just his mercy or ani. So it’s something to consider. Another less significant issue I encountered is that in order to fit the extra weight into my setup I had to downgrade one module from an energy engine to a regen booster and lower my l-m tele to a no damage 1kg tele. These are relatively minor sacravices but I thought I’d mention them for full disclosure.

The advantages

First off, the major benefit is the reduction in damage obviously. I found that mercy blasts would be reduced such that they fired in the region of the high 100s to low 300s instead of mid 200s to low 400s. In addition the dreaded double spartan blasts were much less impactful. This is good as it meant that the saving grace of a physical once drained (hook/charge + mercy) was often not enough to finish the job as it otherwise had been. Low energy physicals especially suffered against it, leaving my mech with roughly half HP to face the next if they had no energy mods at all. However, you should measure this by considering my energy already beat these types of mechs anyway before having a shield, but the reduced damage of the mercy meant I was able to inflict more damage on the second mech before finally dying.


I stay true to my position that shields are not OP. I feel the challenges adequately counterweight the advantages. In fact, I was still unable to beat mr e’s anti energy set up with a shield. So these clawed anti energy physicals haven’t been neutered yet. I do like the shield though. I am more convinced of the position I have held for months (even made a poll on this ages ago) that new shields should be added to the game.


Why was I notified about this being edited?


Probably because you, most likely, had a post that was deleted right before her post, but the system still thinks that it’s still “your posts position”, thus mistaking Bestplayers post as yours and notifying you.


And you ended up at the top place (for me it shows first but it can be bugged) since you are using a shield.


I’ve actual improved my arena rankings because I asked Michelle for guidance and she taught me how to get higher rankigs (arena strategies). I was in the top ten all week the week before I tested my shield as well (was first briefly at that point too). It should also be noted that the battle which propelled me into first this week was against Cadbunny who opts for a setup which totally ignores energy on one mech and so I was able to beat him before the shield as well. The shield mostly helped against canopy who ironically sent me down from first to 9th earlier in the week.

Please look into and evaluate the various factors behind an event before picking the one factor which fits your narrative and claiming it’s the only or most significant factor in my success lately.


Its hard to tell since I can’t see most of your battles, only 7. And the only top player there is CANOPY with one win and one loss.