Please! Remove the legacy shield from the game!


Dude my old acc had a 50% shield where 1 dmg -> 3 eng loss

Then I used legacy converter without knowing it is a legacy item (we had the slot!) R.I.P. good shield


There were different types of dmg to heat/energy ratios


I actualy still belive energy shields are better since they autoregenrate at wnd of round…vs a manual cooldown.
Cause if i remember heat shields were turned off if you overheated.
But as a side note : on a ohis build, with 50% heat shield… with high cap/cooldown, you could just outlive the dmg that was dished.


Yea the heat shield has its own advantage. While for example if you have 30 energy cap (and you are using an nrg shield) and your opponents damage would be 500 or something… that 30 energy would absorb like 50 damage and you will get the rest of the 450 as pure damage.
The heat shield on the other hand if your heat is only one less than your heat cap (499/500) and your opponent hits your with the same 500 damage attack, that heat shiled will absorb all the x% of that 500 damage and transform that damage into heat.
So it will absorb the 20% of the 500 and not the 20% of the 50 as the energy one.


But heat shields are bad, they always overheat with damage (and they go off of course). And since weapons also generate heat … heat shields are good vs. energy mechs


Cant remember if thebshield does deactivate once the cap is passed or once you overheat…
But on a high anty phis and heat build(700+ heat cap), it could be very effective… if it does take 50%, for the 1dmg to 1 heat.
But heat shields are less effective averall… since you miss 1 action to codown, instead of dishing dmg.
It might work against energy… but how the drain dmg is calculated Vs a heat shield… is a mistery to me.


What happens is that players now carry more energy modules than heat modules on mechs.

That’s why the energy shield support so much!

You don´t put energy modules to load shields! not! you places them to defend yourself from the energy! But as a collateral effect it comes in handy to place the legacy energy shield. And it´s very light.

On the other hand, those of heat don´t support so much (you have fewer modules).


It shuts off once the lid passes. And it works just like the energy shield.

The difference is on what I said above. Players charge less heat than energy on their mechs.


Because heat builds need atleast 2 modules min, for themselfs, other wise they overheat themselfs.
While a phis generates lowish heat, it can go without heat modules and go for hp and energy only, it will effectivly use the energy shield.
Or an energy build… that targets phis and other ebergies, he alredy has higj energt and regen, and most dont need heat to fire.
Or on a anty energy phis, put on a shield… boom 22.5%more hp, better protection vs phis, for 12 kg.
They are an abuse, an exploit of the current sistem.


Can someone remind me why i muted this topic


Why you guys just not use your shields ?

Easy Peasy…you guys are both legacy players…what is problem ?


I kept them until a few weeks ago. I fused them. I destroyed it with full consciousness, it was not a mistake.

You ask what´s the problem … this is the problem! It´s an unfair advantage.


But you have them so how can it be unfair advantage ?

They straight up steal mine and my pumpkin with it :frowning:


I have not had them since a few weeks … (I wrote well?)


but you had them…

Nobody make you get rid of them…

do you use 1kg transports ? or any legacy item ?


i use the shields, and double teleports


While teleports of 1kg. and the dual-use, can in some cases represent a certain advantage (keep in mind that dual use consumes a lot of energy and 1kg teleport has no dmg, also keep in mind that double hooks and double charge consume energy … .), all these elements have an equivalent on this version and I dare say that in the current version they are improved in several aspects.

However, the legacy shield has no equivalent on this version. There is nothing like a shield.

Anyway, I don´t mind at all if someone asks for the removal of these elements. I’m willing to support.

Keep in mind that my original message is to the developers “remove it”. At no time have I asked the players “please don´t use them”. Although I think it´s to take advantage to a weakness of the system, an opportunism, they do nothing outside the rules to use them.

If you open a topic asking for the removal of the other legacy items, count on my “like”.


If you use any legacy item it is unfair advantage :slight_smile:

Do i mention they steal all of mine plus the pumpkin ?


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