Please! Remove the legacy shield from the game!


You also have the right to doubt. But if you want I can prove it (not here, of course, in private).


are you genuinely devoid of humour or do you just pretend to be to make everything difficult?


I just want there to be equity in this forum and that your bad comment about me, be removed or removed from public view.

It’s all I want, so we can continue with a clean debate.



you have to be trolling.

how many times have I quoted you my clean argumentation?

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I see it aint going any better.
Guys let us all remove our off topic and talk about shields. Shall we?



The fack you all doing here, beside oftopic?
The shields provide an unfair advantage to the user.
Proven with calculation, and seen on certain replays, that fit the dmg reduction.
Yes the dmg reduction of the shield is aplied after resist.
And yes it can be looked either as a dmg amount negation/turn, or overall increase of hp.
A 20% shield weights 12 kg.
It blocks 2 dmg for 3 energy.
For 100 dmg(after resisr deduction), it blocks 20 dmg for 30 energy.
On a high res mech, with high stats, int gives a gross increase in hp, of roughfly 500-700 hp.
And with curent regen and cap stats on certain builds(600/300 regen) cannot be drained fast enough.
Shields need to go.


I already offered you a deal - as soon as you respond to my real arguments I’ll delete it.

here it is again incase you missed it:


Im also on the “let the veteran keep their legacies” line, for the reasons described by Misfit and Mordulec.
As a complement, i think new shields would be a nice addition to the game. God damnit, i want to have to adjust my builds, spend time in the workshop. This would probably force me to rebuild with 4 weapons for example…


That is not a little perk, like the pumpkin.
It is a phisical ingame advantage, in form of :
Dmg negation, or hp increase.
Who wouldnt want 300(1800hp me h) -500(2700 hp mech) more for just 12 kg.
Espeacialy if you put it on a high energy/regen build?


I don´t make deals when my argument is legitimate.

If this comment is not edited, deleted or removed from the public view, for me this topic sold out here.

In a few days, I open another topic about it. But if people are allowed to enter the personal insult, for me this topic is exhausted.


Seriously Wep, thats pretty WTF and childish behaviour.

@Misfit, lets just move out mate. Readers can see your points, that have been stated clear and nice. (Thanks for the insights btw)


I want to start this post by thanking El Metre for actually adressing my argument. I appreciate it.

you’re right that there is a damage negation larger than what we’ve seen pre-reloaded, I’m not even going to challenge you on your maths though I think kath raised some good points there earlier.

however, you have to consider that that reduction in damage comes at a higher cost too. the amount of energy required to absorb the massive amounts of damage post reloaded weapons inflict is incredibbly high even for smaller shields. therefore mod slots which could be used for higher HP are dedicated to energy. therefore those without shields could negate this bomus by simply packing much more hp and resistence than the shield barer can. other costs that go unconsidered is the loss of one turn in damage output (which is significant in battles which last only 3-4 rounds of fire. and theres the matter of the weight ofcourse. you’ll often have to sacrafice another utility such as a charge or whatever which is not major but is something to consider. therefore I believe the cost justifies the benefit.

and what of those who “personally insulted” michelle? they didnt derail the thread? just me huh? and totally not the person who wont shut up about a minor non-issue and adress the real points.


Like i said it befor.
The shield works for 2 builds and for 1 of them is a match made in heaven:

  1. High energy, high hp energt builds. Basicly and energy anty-phis counter, that can counter also other nergies.
  2. High energy, high hp phis counter. Basicly the anty energy phis counter.
    At a nice setup of : 4-5 energy modules(1 regen booster), 2 platplats, 1 ptotector.
    This setup raises the chances the build(that is a primarily anty energy) turn into a anty phis monster. Fulfiling 2 roles in an excelent way.
    And do look at certain replays… you will see the impact in dmg negation… 160 dmg on nf


yes it can help in targetting in certain cases. but its not impossible to target the same things without it, and its not impossible to overcome this countering as it gains vulnerabilities as it attempts to counter. therefore I believe that its a balanced counter as the cost to do so opens it up to counters in return. for instance not only is it vulnerable to the builds it doesnt counter but there are certain strategies the builds it does counter can employ to throw a spanner in the works. for example the pre-reloaded strategy of attatching a single high drain weapon to a non energy mech to break shields might become popular again if shields become such a nuisence (which I dont believe they are or people would already do such things). this also obviously would allow this phys to tackle pure HP or anti-heat phys mech which keep their base energy stats only, knocking them out of commision for one turn and potentially leaving them partially out of commission for another depending on their regen. this is just one example of how a shield bearing mech could be countered there are others ofc. and so I say you are right that in certain situations for certain builds a shield can be a very useful thing, I counter that since the shield can be tackled by various build or play strategies I don’t think we can truly say they are OP or an “unfair” advantage. an advantage in some cases, yes. but not unfair imo.


Guys what about the weight of these?


Do the math on weight and modules setup.
More then 3 plates, and protector created lack of other modules.
Also carry a high drain wepon on a phis build? Like what EMP? 70kg? Or ash for 50is kg? That is 2 modules weight… or let go of what phis wepon? A spartan? A NF? Dont think so…
The setup descriebed target phis and energy alike.
The setup you describe targets only phis.
Provide arguments, that are palpable, in numbers and utility.


12 kg for 20% shield.
That is a 22.5%hp increase, if not takeing into account resist.
On a 2600 hp mech, it provides 585 more brut hp.
If dial in the resist of 70, it goes to 34.5% overall increaset to a total of 900 more hp.
It sinergies with resist,it has a direct linear increase in proeficiency.
And all for 12kg.


If the shields were accessible to all players. If there were at least the possibility that all players could obtain them, then obviously it would not be unfair.

Injustice is that only legacy shield owners can use them (be few or many). While all other players have no chance of obtaining them.

Or it´s possible for everyone, without exception (either easy or difficult to obtain) or it isn´t right that it´s only possible for a few.

But also, if you plan to build new shields, these must be better than the legacy.


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