Please! Remove the legacy shield from the game!


Those have been your words, not mine.

If someone here is named by his personal name, I really don´t know any “michelle” player. I can speak of nicknames, the personal names for me are associated with a face, a voice or a person that I really don´t know,


I see you picked the continue to focus on unimportant bullshit route, nice.


I have to say Wep, you are killing the thread ylurself here… Misfit made very relevant remarks (as always), and you just disregard them.


Will this ever end? Bias everywhere, people continuing the same BS. Getting no where in the forum. Tis great to see the same people arguing over and over again.

(and no I won’t mute the bloody topic. All of ye need to learn to stop being childish/retarded on such topics).


I am waiting for the moderator to send Misfit’s comment (flagged by me) and all the answers about it to private.



thoughts wep? if you truly want to get back on track RESPOND TO THE ACTUAL POINTS I MADE.


What happens is (Wepwawet favorite opening line (NO COPYRIGHT APPLIES), on the forums many of us thrive on drama rather than actually making intelligent arguments.


I want some action taken with this comment. I insist.

I cannot ignore this and continue as if nothing had happened. If we want a clean debate, then let’s have a clean debate.

Please, remove the grime from the topic!



Please send a PM to the mods regarding matters that require moderation.

Thank you.


every post you make ignoring the actual arguments and focussing on bullshit speaks a thousand words, wep.

you have NO authority to imply anyone else derailed this thread. I have prodded you multiple times now towards the actual well composed colation of my viewpoints on the topic at hand but you chose to continue your little hissy fit. if you’re truly so uninterested in having a real debate then I’m going to save myself any more frustration and step out. I just hope its clear to everyone, though it may never be to you, just who is the one trying to dodge a real discusion on shields. sad.


In the spirit of moving forward here @Misfit I will politely request that you edit the post that Wepwawet is upset about.

I humbly ask, but cannot demand this.

Thanks bro.


As we are off topic, and that @Elcent will probably pacify the whole thing. Mate, this new profile pic is extremely disturbing… hmmm yes it is. Stap


Oh cmon, it’s not that disturbing…Ai, I quite liked this one. So much for having personal favorites.

anywho, y’all done arguing?

if this ain’t more disturbing LG then uh shit lmfao idk what to tell ya


I’ll cut you a deal.

I’ll remove that part of my post when wepwawet adresses my argument in favour of shields.


Exact! I benefit from the doubt. Because I don´t know any player “Michelle”. Michelle is a personal name of someone from whom I can doubt her existence, because I know absolutely nothing about that person. I only know nicknames here.


just for the record here is michelle confirming thats her name to wep so this denial of her name is exactly as petty and stupid as it seems


As a free member of this community, I have no obligation to respond to any comments. I mean, I answer if I want or I don´t answer if I wont to.

Instead, you are committing a fault by making a bad comment about a member of the community (which in this case is me).

Therefore, according to the rules of the forum, I have no obligation to respond. But his comment should not be there either.

Therefore, there is no deal. Your comment is inappropriate and my request is legitimate.


That might be worse…


Casually getting PFP advice from LG da phone company (jk) and cmon, not this one, the previous one. Which was of Thug Life Patrick, because I for the life of me cannot find a photo that doesn’t “disturb” people ://


if you were serious about wanting to keep the discussion on track I gave you my comments that were on topic for you to respond to. you isntead responded constantly on my use of the word “frustration” while implying I came here to derail the thread. do you have any self awareness?

its exactly as legitimate as me flagging yeet or anyone else who spoke against michelle. if we want to go down that route I can be just as anal and petty with flags to. I’d rather you just responded to my points so we can get this back on track, though. which is why I made that deal - its perfect for you. it gets your thread back on topic while removing that comment you dont like. so why dont you?