Please! Remove the legacy shield from the game!


Are you absolutely certain that the shield damage calculation comes AFTER the resistance damage calculation? My point is that the damage output of physicals is so huge, that in order to be able to maintain the (energy) shield, you probably would need insane amounts of energy cap. And if for the calculation we take the pure damage BEFORE the resistance factor, it is getting even more ridiculous… I guess the shield gets broken, and the mech using it gets drained clean after a full salvo of spartans and drone (which is over 1000 dmg). But for this we must confirm the sequence of calculations in the game…


I dont know about the calculation details.
But i already energy broke or overheat shield users. These things need to be used carefully… that i can say


And did you notice how the enemy mech behaved in terms of calculations? Did you compare your damage displayed with the damage displayed on the enemy mech and his resistance? Well, stupid question, nobody does that, not even me… But perhaps you could pay attention next time you fight a shielded mech, Lord? So that we know more of details?


Off course i didnt. I will try to take notes next shielded guy i battle.
I might ask Besty to run a few test pvp. I think she wouldnt mind.


As far as I know the shields work this way: If your weapon makes 100 damage but your opponent has 20 resistance: Then the shield is absorbing the 20% of the 80 damage (100dmg-20 resistance). It worked this way couple years ago… yes I tested it with a weapon that made constant damage and not like 120-240 kind of shit.
Resistance drain doesn’t matter here since that doesn’t effect the actual damage either.


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Guys, please take any arguments to PM, and please stay on topic.

Many thanks.


didn’t ask for your life story…

even world leaders and CEOs yell profanities when they stub their toe or come into a bit of bad luck. in any case you in this thread have expressed frustration that the minority with shields have an advantage over those who don’t. if the word bothers you forget it honestly it was just a throw away statement about the absurdity of everyone’s readiness to call everyone’s posts “provocations” to flame wars these days. just showing how easy it is to impune motive on the other side too.

anyway, while I’m here I’ll make a brief case in favour of shields again, a fuller and no doubt more considered version was produced over multiple posts in the last thread.

In short I don’t think its fair to remove legacy shields because it robs those legacy players of one of the few benefits they still have from years of spending pre-reloaded and because they’re really not that big of a deal anyway.

going back to the days immediately following the reloaded launch many many players came out in droves, including many posting in this thread, complaining about how the spenders had not been adequately compensated for their real money investment in the game up to that point. the few remaining perks are those legacy items which remain useful in some ways, namely the pushback weapons which operate at range 1, double use utility items, 1kg tele and shields. I think considering the massive collective investment legacy players have made to get sm to the point it was able to have this overhaul a few bonuses such as these are justified.

I would agree with you in campaigning for removal if any of these items were so overpowered that nobody could compete with them, however I feel that shields are not that significant. sure, michelle wins the battles she uses shields, but that’s not necessarily because and only because of that shield. she also has claws, plat plates, L-M weaponry and she knows how to pick her battles better than anyone else in the game (as she so often likes to boast). consider this: two mechs with the same torso and weapons, two spartans and a mercy for argument’s sake. now, with that would you rather have plat plates, a claw or a shield? most would take a claw or plat plates over a shield without thought. the shield also has many drawbacks as pointed out by others in the thread that you don’t really consider:

people love to talk about how much more damage the shields can absorb now post reloaded ow the damage is higher. the fail to weigh that with the fact that you also have tho absorb much more energy/heat. the cost of maintaining a shield with current damage outputs forces a lot of energy or heat mods to be added to your mech which could alternatively have been used for more HP. the shield also has its weight ofcourse, and you have to consider before deploying if the amount of damage saved from having it open is worth losing one move which can be spent inflicting more on your opponent - which is a much bigger consideration post reloaded when all battles are short and decisive unlike pre-reloaded where you had much longer battles. so I don’t think when you plug in the numbers and say “this much damage was not taken because of the shield thats so op!” you have fully considered the cost involved.

in any case I am willing to compromise on shields by supporting new ones being made for post-reloaded players. but dont take them away from legacy players. it’s the advantage is not enough to justify robbing legacy players of their few remaining little perks.

this ended up being a much longer response than I intended to write. got lost in the flow I guess.

tl;dr - legacy players deserve some perks, its not that much of an advantage anyway and I think releasing new shields is a fine compromise.


I understand that personal allusions, based on mere speculation and ignorance, as well as provocations such as those expressed by Misfit are prohibited in public forums.

Therefore I suggest that Misfit’s unfortunate comment (speculating about my personal feelings) and which I have already flagged and my response to it, be sent to private message. If Misfit wishes and if I´ve time, we can continue there.

Thank you.


if mine gets removed then anyone claiming michelle is simply prodding for a flame war because she likes the rivalry and to bully wep’s posts should be removed too. imparitality and lack of bias is what we want after all :wink:


I feel that overall, threads became pretty quite since a few days.
This pm we have on the side might be of some use in the end. If the heat increases, take it there guys.
Well played Elcent, well played.


I already requested that your comment and my response be sent to private.

If you want to continue talking about “Michelle” (I don´t want to talk about that “michelle”, who I doesn´t even know her face, but …) and about my supposed “frustrations”, we can do it there.


she has already told you that’s her name, do you really need photo ID? that’s very mean and innapropriate if you don’t mind me saying so. might flag it.


On the other hand, if your provocation is an attempt to spoil my topic, good try! But I will open as many of these topics as necessary.

It was on the cover of the book that you would get dirty it, enough to be closed.

But there is always the possibility of opening others. So many soiled, so many I will open again.


I never intended to provoke, I infact made a detailed case in favour of shields but you skipped over it to ■■■■■ some more about me using the word “frustration”.

EDIT: “I regularly threaten to contact the police because I feel legitimately harassed in a manner that I believe violates international law, but I’m totaly not frustrated herpdederp”


Retaining an alter ego persona on the Internet is quite wise. Limits the chances of being doxed.

If she/he says name is Michelle, then fair enough. I’m quite happy to call Michelle.

If Michelle is actually a guy/girl/shemale it doesn’t matter one bit so long as there’s no dating involved. In this case it’s just for an Internet game.

That should never enter the equation. It’s of no impact either way.

Just sayin’



This unfortunate and wrong comment is a personal provocation. And to my understanding an attempt to dirty the topic initiating a bad debate. Everything came reasonably well until you make this unfortunate comment.


Vicarious annihilated me yesterday because he activated his shield. And to be honest, it didn’t bother me not one bit.

Be happy for long time players that kept their legacy items.

Happy happy happy :smiley:


I cant breath bro. Ahahahah… oh you


you’ll notice the part where I was responding to other people. it was a response to people like yeet who hounded E for not punishing michelle for her “provocations”. I thought it was ironic since its pretty obvious your crusade against shields was atleast partially inspired by you losing battles to michelle when she deploys her shield. you say so in this thread that when you find yourself in a match with all else equal but shield you find yourself at a disadvantage - we all know who that’s with. I even made sure to clarify at the end - I didnt want to single you out as “starting it”. I simply wanted to show that its stupid for everyone to jump michelle when I can just as easily paint you as a provocateur. and for like the third fucking time that was just a throw away statement about how silly I find this “you provoking me!!!” culture that seems to have gripped the forum lately. now are you going to continue fixating on unimportant bullshit while claiming I am here to derail the thread or are you going to respond to my actual on topic argument for shields?