Please! Remove the legacy shield from the game!

  • Legacy shield is the only item that has no equivalent after the August update of last year.

  • 95% of players don´t have it, don´t use it, or haven´t any way to acquire it.

  • For the few players who use it the legacy shield provides an unfair advantage on the game.

We want a more fair game for everyone. Where we all have the same opportunities to obtain the items, either in the campaign or buying. It’s been almost 1 year since the big update, it’s time to remove the shields!

It would be good to bring new shields, it would make the game much more interesting.

But the legacy must be removed now. Kick them pls.! There are a few opportunistic players who are taking advantage of this weakness of system. Or the opportunity is for everyone or it’s wrong.

Thank you!


Why this again?

Didn’t we all already see first hand the topics usually go to shit due to these suggestions.


Again because nothing has been done about it or we didn´t get an answer.

Again because this topic should have been in “suggestions” and is not general debates.

Again because this is important. It´s a matter that breaks the eyes.


I agree… If tacticsoft wants a fair game remove this. Non legacy players will never obtain this item. Thanks.


Here comes Besty…dear lord nothing is ever going to get done today with anyones involvement.

(not on anyones side I’m just calling out the inevitable shit show that’s coming from wepsy/besty).


They should change the legacy reward…
Removing old items into a premium box.




Sorry for quoting you.



This text will be blurred


Well piss then…


My kind of thread.
How are things @Wepwawet? Still not sure about your new colors


I am still rooting for them to add the shields.
Simply removing them will be unpleasant.


1 premium for 1 item?)
1 premium for … Umm… 5-10 items?


…Premium won’t give you just a premium items.


We have the slot and our eyes to cry :slight_smile:


No no … I like my shield :exclamation:


Bad idea to “steal” veteran players the little bit last they could safe from years of gameplay before SuperMechs reloaded :exclamation:


There is a “Legacy Converter” for a reason :exclamation:

Think about it :exclamation:



But…you are not using it.


but it’s a premium box , more boxes — more chances for l-m items


You are always “anti nerf and pro buff” for reasons you detailed somewhere else.
I love this approach myself. Why not appliying it here and ask for introduction of shileds?


Ok how about this…fortune boxes.


I hate fortuna boxes. It gives me more common and rare items since december 2017…