Please rate in app store and play store


If you have written a review a long time ago or havent written one at all, i would suggest editting your old review or writing a new one based on how you feel about the game, how it changed since reloaded, the fuel nerf, other updates, use of microtransactions, how transparent they are about stats of items and percentages, and what kind of future you imagine for the game. The ratings on the app store and play store dont seem to reflect the way people feel about the game, and i feel the reason that is so, is because most of them were written awhile back.

I am not encouraging negative nor positive reviews and rating. Just write how you feel about the game


And if you have several accounts or have both an ios and an android account, well, power to ya.


Easiest way for me to get my apple ID banned. :slight_smile:


Darn. In your case i guess you could just rate it without writing anything.


I have written 2 reviews 1 star and 2 star, ts answered on both


what did you write? and what did they answer?


Maybe we should ask our game related questions there… looks like they answer there.


1 day after reloaded came out on android i wrote second review “lower the fusion costs”


I’ll revive this so people will vote


Good idea to revive this one