Please pray for me


so, i have an addiction and it’s a pretty bad one. i spend a lot on games and i am far too often tempted by sales and other dumb things (im not sure why i bought tokens in BD. there were no sales but i was still very tempted to do it).

Even while copiloting my friend’s account while he had some issues irl, at one point i bought one of those big packs because they show up rarely for me, and after he came back i had him send me over most of it through Battle Dawn, and keep some since he let me use his account for it.

but lately i’ve been working on myself and meditating and practicing self-control and for the first time in my life i opened my SM inventory to see a 25% off tokens (the biggest package) and this smirk showed up on my face and i boldly pressed the little “x” in the corner of the popup box and i felt victorious for once in my life.

please pray for me to stay strong and prevail over the evil that is Tacticsoft


I hit x every time lolol, I’m addicted to cynicism


I can respect that


Don’t waste money on a game. You could be spending that money to take someone out on a date, improve your home, or save it for bigger things.




Pray for Kaen


Nobody likes me lol. Im ugly asf.

My home is already bigger than i need and i have everything i could ever want.

This is a good suggestion tho. I can start an anime figure collection or get a harem of anime girl body pillows.


kaen, you need to get your ass listening to the Tom Leykis show.

it has been consistently proven time and time again that attractive women are generally more attracted to rich men than physically attractive men. you think Trump landed that trophy wife with his thicc glutes? hell no, thicc wallets are all that counts. if landing some ditsy blonde with balloon tits is your goal then investing your money well and accumulating a lot of wealth will do you a lot more good than hitting the gym. if you’re a guy, money is simply the best way to land high quality sex partners.


Thanks for the advice, looks like i should study more… Do you think any girls would like me for my BD/SM skills? :confused:


if your bank is big enough, they’ll do what ever the ■■■■ you want them to do in the bedroom to get that ring around your finger. the trick is you never actually marry them.


Very “macho” your opinion … so all women are sold for money? I don´t. I find a man who speaks interesting things very attractive, a guy who knows how to have my mind at 1000 per hour.

And of course, I like good sex too.

If they had ever bought me wallets or gifts, now I could have many things, but I was always more attracted to sympathy, good manners, intelligence and sex.

In short, I don´t serve as a prostitute, I would have been a poor prostitute.


no you misunderstand me. not all women, only attractive women. and its just a general rule. money turns women on, why do you think wrinkly old millionaires can cruise around town in a ferarri with some tight young 20 year old in the passenger seat. they just like old guys’ physiques? you reckon some regular old grandpa with a £50 a week pension could land her too?

“I am an exception to a rule therefore that rule can’t possibly have any validity at all”

yes, I’m sure you’d say that in public.


Well, i dont have any of those things. When i was somewhat facebook famous and got lots of likes on posts and would send expensive gifts to other facebook famous ppl that sometimes bragged about it, it got me lots of friend requests and a lot of girls were sending me messages trying to talk to me, and lewd pictures. My personality aint done shit for me. Neither has sympathy, good manners, or intelligence. And i last like 7 seconds in the bedroom, with my 1.5 inches. I aint getting any points for sex, thats for sure.


I am attractive! Even at my age! I can assure you that at 30 I stopped the traffic!


Keep telling yourself that, buddy. At 30, “my mommy says im beautiful” doesnt have the same effect it did when you were 7


I prefer more of purple hair, small tiddy, with daddy issues. Or if she has a :b:enis. That works too.


You are looking for a hyena … read about hyenas and understand what I say … lol