Please Just Listen To This Devs


If The Devs Actually Care About The Game
They Need To Listen To All This:
Nerf Meta Myths,
Remove Pads,
Bring Back Old Shop,
Add Back Kits,
[Optional]Nerf Heat.
DO IT!!!


I can assure you we care about the game and are listening to all our players.

Nerf Meta Myth - I am not sure what you mean by this.
Remove Pads - We just started talks about how to improve them. It is in the pipeline.
Bring Back Old Shop - This is not in the pipeline for the near future.
Add Back Kits - Color kits are coming back. No release date yet.
[Optional]Nerf Heat. - Working on game Balance now.

If you want to discuss anything more contact


Pads need to be removed for sure, at least from ladder… they promote degenerate game play and can limit player interaction, but the biggest problem is that they are deciding games, which is just absurd. People are just camping around em and getting very large unfair advantages. Theyre just really annoying.
Access to low level items is 100% needed. If youre not going to add back the shop, some thing must be done to achieve this. It is most certainly not fair to newer players like me who cant use shields, or until recently 1 kg teleports or other low level weapons… some that i would love to get my hands on.
The ladder system needs to be fixed imo, the current one just depends on who gets luckiest on the last day. What a real hoot amaright?
What he means by nerfing the meta mythicals are the op ones that dominate the meta. Some are extremely unbalanced. Take ultra nova for example. It isnt particularly heavy does a sht ton of dmg, needs no amo doesnt cause much heat… its pretty op. Same can be said for items like God mode, Dev swarms, armor breaker, heat controls, lava spray, etc.
Also some older mythicals are outdated asf and dont see any play. All of the legs except the god mode legs, could use a boost for example. Theyre all heavy and weak.
There are other smaller things like organising the damn workshop so i can find items easier instead of the random layout, but those arent as important or interesting.


Nice to see you posting here Sarah :slight_smile:
As for the Meta Myth part, I’m pretty sure he’s referring to the fact that every time a myth is added in, it simply becomes part of the new meta, which practically becomes unbeatable. Essentially, the issue here being that everyone uses the same few things because it works. More balancing needed.


I really really really reallyyyyy miss color kits. all my mechs look so ugly and weird.


I am an administrator of a facebook group, it has almost 3,000 members … Mainly they speak Spanish, we are working to turn it into English and Spanish … (I guess this does not have to say) … Well, the users who are There they want a lot to give back
The color kits, and access to the low level elements … since there are many new players, and before being level 15 do not know that later you need a teleport of 1kg, a shield of 2kg or 4kg. … Bully, some Legs that weigh less, for example surfboard … are examples of articles they need … The other is that they have a lot of problems finding things in such a messy inventory.

Regards :slight_smile:


By Meta Myths I Mean:
God Mode,
Electric Mass,
Magma Barrier,
Steel Barricade,
Every Other Non-Tested OP Mythical.
If This Does Not Happen Then Please Buff
The Useless Myths Like Needle Blaster,
Needle Blaster Weighs More Then Metal Shredder And
Sucks In Every Way Compared To It.


Devs, Read The Old Forums Ideas, That Is Where You Will See
Everything People Wants.


Hi, if restoring the old shop is not under your consideration, how about allowing the items of level 1-14 to occur in the item boxes?

Also, a inventory for items of non-M rarities may also be helpful. Thank you for your time.


Oh yes, 99% of the items you get from item boxes that you can buy with credits are useless.


Actually so it is with the money boxes if you have collected approximately 200 and destroyed 20 M-items. The probability of the toys given to you is definitely NOT following the uniform distribution. On every 21st day there must be a dark orange trash instead of a HP plate or a torso. I’d rather have a blue shield of weight 8 instead.


i dont understand your idea at all do you mean take out the only free and for sure constant mythical from game and put a chest to get low weight items? wont be better have both? i mean change check in reward because its almost useless since last update

#14 this guy is raving about being a hacker in the chat