Please help (Spartan Carnage)

Is this bad?


Kyle, I’m assuming this is a joke

It is one of the best physical weapons in the game

Even if you aren’t a physical, keep it and make a physical weapon

Congratulations on getting such a good drop


Ummm…what?? you mean make a physical mech?

It’s a joke I just got it now

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Would this work (I’ll fix my mods)

You don’t need the Night eagle. Otherwise, perfect.

Except the modules. You gotta wait for the good ones.

Myth the zark- also keep in mind the weight of the spartan carnage actually drops 20 or so when you myth it

fight me in game xddd

Wait, is Cocobie the Kyle from our school?

Okay will do that when I have legendary items for my thing.

It might be that same person.

Sure What’s your IGN?

Anark Karidian <-----

nice game, you’re decent.

Thanks :smile: I need to fix my mods though.

focus on your cooling for now, it would be best.

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also when you make your torso mythical you’re gonna need a lot of power to level it up.
343k power in my torso and it isn’t even maxed.

Should I Myth my torso after or later?

if you want better hp, heat and energy cap you should myth your torso first, 112 base cooling for zark btw.
but if it’s damage your seeking maybe myth your anni or spartan first.

Yeah, the Kyle from our school. The one in my class?