Please help me with my mech

This is my mech. After my first and second myths, I got a boost in the ladder ranks. Now I am stuck at rank 10. What can I do to improve it?

I reccomend getting rid of the savior resistance module and trying to get more heat, becuse currently your heat is very bad.
Pretty much your modules should be
3 energy types(preferable 3 engines or two storage and mass booster)
4 heat types(preferable 4 energy engines or two storage and two mass booster
and an iron plating

That’s not savior, that’s max protector lol he should KEEP it.



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oh thought that was savior

Instead of iron use the max protecter

Nah, savior is rare - epic only, max is leg - myth

Should I myth grimreaper or completely change my torso (I have legendary zarkares and avenger, naga)?

Well you’re an energy mech, so grim or naga are your choices. I’d personally recommend maxing out grim reaper, so you can then run 2-3 heat engines with one/two energy ones, then work on your weapons.

I’m a heat type through and through, so I’m not the best to ask for advice. So if any energy mains are watching, do please help this lad out.

I hve decent heat and physical mechs. Should I focus on those instead of my energy mech?

I’m only good with old school but Here is my CENSOR Horrible mech

Depends on wat your going for.
Ill list the pros and cons for each
Pros: Extremely high energy cap
Is very good for mech that want to very quickly energy break somebody
Cons: Low heat, low health.
What this means is that for grim reaper your weapons should be less damaging and more energy focused, and you modules should be probably 4 heat modules, 2 health modules and 2 energy modules, give or take.

Pros: Good health, good energy, decent heat
Very balanced and neutral, no extremely low or high values.
Cons: Not as high energy as the grim reaper.
FOr this torso you would likely want a balance between high damaging energy weapons and high energy drain. Your modules should be 1 health modules, 4 heat modules and 3 energy.

If were talking old school ill be fucking making a book for you

My Old old mech from a while back,

Still have it because i like God Mode Still :>

I would’ve used PYS or energy devouring paws on my mechs, if I still had had them…

It would have helped a lot…

What about my mechs, Any ideas? Should i spend 100 Dollars again?

U spent $100?

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Yeah For Myths back in the day