Please give me name of this

Please give me name of this torso

Edit: nvm, I think that might be Anubis, not sure

Edit 2: Should be GOAT skin


no its not Anubis. Anubis max level are legendary, this torso are mythical

its a skin


no its imposoble, skin did not changes look of torso

It’s probably GOAT skin


it was a goat tournament skin. and we have pumpkins that change torsos smh


might be, but not sure

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it IS and i am sure


Ok let’s say its a “GOAT skin”, but how we can get it? Its a legacy item(same as smaller module)? or its a special item(same as SaberTooth)?

its a special skin if you win goat tournament , , , , ,

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There is/ was a tournament called G.O.A.T tournament, if you win the tournament, you get the perk.

Sorry if I’m being rude right now, but i don’t think you have to bother about getting it, cuz the chances of you being No.1 in the tournament are slim to non existent.

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Ok but how win this GOAT tournament?

Real question, what is the toournament (I’m only an r3 player ik im not gonna win aha just curious about it)

We need @Wepwawet here. If I remember correctly, I think she has this torso. :slight_smile:

all you need is epic items to win r3 player

It’s an old tournament from like years ago or something.
I don’t think they do it anymore.

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The G.O.A.T tournament was formed by community member named @El_Metre (he retired long ago) there was 5-6 seasons of this tournament, rules was only epic items lvl1. Now you can’t obtain it because how i wrote above creator of tournament left a long time ago.


It isn´t a torso, is a perk. Visual only. So it takes colors of the torso below. The trimmed horn is because there was a problem charging it, devs had to modify it so that I could use it.

Currently only 3 players have it and we won it in the “GOAT” tournament, a tournament invented by El Metre and which was very successful.

El Metre left the game due to trolling and the overall poor state of the game, so we ran out of goat.

I won this tournament twice, the first time I gave the prize to the opponent who came second.

The idea for the GOAT tournament came up one afternoon when Metre and me, were talking and I told him that I was tired of so much opponent with VIP items. So it occurred to him to run a tournament so people could get something unique with epic and easy-to-get items. A tournament where purchasing power was not important.


The original GOAT tournament poster. We also had a presentation video: