Please give me max stats of spinefall and nightfall


As title says, please post here stats of maxed spinefall and nightfall.
Thank you!


Thanks to Andernut for the list


Spinefall seems better than that nightfall. i just wonder why people say to me to myth that. maybe its high energy cost makes it worthless. @Sarah247 lower its energy cost please


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True…Well,Spinefall can hit 500 damage shots after all (with Arena Shop Buffs,of course).
It’s very powerful,although its cost makes it just a tiny little bit suicidal.
It also pulls,and that is the main reason many people who have it don’t use it (as electrics generally need the push,you know…).That and because it’s somewhat rare.

And no,it’s not better than NF.
Every weapon can be useful in its own way.
Also,do not mix the types together.NF is pretty much a must-have for a phys,while Spinefall…Well,it can be easily replaced by any f2p and p2w alternatives (Hysteria,Valiant,even Lightning Scope,but in less cases).


And don’t make me rush while trying to reply! :laughing:


i pm sarah wishing she will lower its cost to 50. so im keeping it in-case for buff.
i do not want to do same what i did with my archimonde


Actually,you know what other weapon can very well hit over 500 damage?
Viking Hammer.
It’s also a f2p weapon that,trust me,will be more useful than the pity (yet awesome looking) SpineFall.


Don’t forget Spartan Carnage, Magma Blast, Bunker Shell (yikes)!


Maybe lower it to 47,just like every other energy weapon costs (apart from EMP that costs half your cap and Valiant that costs almost no energy)…?


So you mean i will have to myth nightfall? okay then. i will do it as soon i get my last legendary needed. but if i get lowered in ranks, my victories become rarer, you will pay…pay with a painful shot…


Depends on the build.
If you’re a main electric and have a purpose for an expensive,long-range pull weapon that you may deem useless one day,go for the SpineFall.
If you’re mostly going with your phys,myth the must-have close-medium range weapon that everybody knows and loves (or hates),the only,the mighty…NightFall!


I A M K E E P I N G S P I N E F A L L I N C A S E O F B U F F R I G H T?
@L4K3 R I G H T ?


Keep it because it’s L-M and not completely useless.


@YGGM you are becoming slower than lake so hurry up!


Do. You. Really. Think. Sarah. Will. Change. Weapons’. Stats. Because. It. Helps. You. ?.
(Take this dot swarm as a mark of anger or upsetting, your choice…)

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Do you really think we are at your fucking disposition ?
Do you think we can type our damn walltext faster damn light ?

It’s like when you ask a question in a thread, less than one minute after, you are amready stamping in impatience…

Another thing: I’m not a big fan of threats when they are not clearly depicted as jokes, wether they are toward me or someone/something I like…

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Do I really need to tell you the deepest of mind about this comment ?


Please edit out PG stuff… I understand the rage, but that’s a little too much. :neutral_face:


some players say to me “keep spinefall and myth it”
and some say “throw it away and myth nightfall”
i am getting confused.
very confused