Please fix stats in Grave Digger portal


In insane mode, overlord’s den, the malice beams are reported to take away 47 energy. However, they really take away around 100 energy, and I have seen crow drones take away 67 energy. Please help me here. It is not like this is serious, but it is just confusing.


You should just have checked first page on forum :sweat:


Isnt just in grave digger portal, I discovered it in random levels. For a while I was confused about it, decided to report it now.


I know, but that’s intended, it isn’t a bug.


Why would it be intended to confuse the players?


Its intended. Its their (somewhat lazy) way of making it more difficult - heat damage is doubled in insane mode as well. I do agree that they ought to keep actual stats and just use better weapons… But this is what we got for now.