Please enlighten me

So I wanted to go player-vs-player today.You know how how the waiting time before (finally) finding an opponent is pretty long and while you wait the screen generates random builds,right?
So I came across these.The first one is called Spartan Carnage,and it’s a legendary tier only.
The pic below shows what looks to be the mythical tier/version of that weapon.
Logically,if Spartan Carnage is legend-only,it would only be natural for his bigger cousin to be mythical only.
Based on this supposition,you can guess the question:
If the first one is legendary only and can only be obtained from Premium boxes/packs and Fortune boxes,then how do you obtain its myth version?
I asked myself this question…Rather than coming up with an answer,I came across another question and this is the point of the topic:
Do ANY of the boxes drop MYTHICAL items? (If yes,what’s the chance?)

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hmm… you’re right, and I think from a years ago post that you can get it from the box you get when you hit lvl 150. I assume that is what happened here, but I do not see it logical that you would get spartan carnage, and furthermore come across this

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I already brought it up before, that Spartan Carnage actually has a locked myth version that was probably accidentally made unobtainable. Did not get a reply.

Let’s see if we can get a reply now.

@Sarah247 @Mohadib @jonny

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No no…
The point isn’t wether we can get its myth version or not.
I asked if we can get any mythical items from boxes like MIX,Premium…
Is it possible?

Now this question I would love to see answered. All I’ve heard are accounts of people who’ve said you could. But never any real solid proof.

Should probably say this was for legs, not myths (although that’d probs be nice to have an answer for as well).

Simple answer


There is 0.00000000… 0 % chance for mythical in any boxes until now

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This is the kind of answer I was waiting for.
But I’d like someone to really confirm it.I know you could get myths in earlier versions of the game,so maybe the chance is reaaaly low (or maybe inexistent,idk)

It would’ve been proofed by now, it’s a solid no

If you need an official answer you can just PM Sarah. I don’t think you will get an answer here from the devs/mods

I was wondering, can’t it be BY ANY CHANCE the legacy items like Spartan Carnage ?

Mythical items are currently only obtained though upgrading items. I think there was a quote saying something about it ages ago but I’m not sure where.

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Yes, like Elcent said.
And was confirmed at the begining of SM Reloded, the only way of obtaining myths os thru upgrade.
Be it from a legendary to myth only, or a epic-legendary-myth transformation.

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20 characters :stuck_out_tongue:

Before SM reloaded you can get mythical items in any box,but now I don’t know

I’ve opened this thread months ago

no one is considering it. @Sarah247 @Mohadib

ok, if we can’t get mythicals from boxes, the next logical question is what the tokens for?
in the old times tokens were the way to obtain mythicals from boxes…
(pun intended)

Tokens are the way of obtaining legendary items (mostly).
Legendary items are the way of obtaining mythical items.
Tokens are DA WEY to mythical.

oh…i thought it was DA WEY to Madagaskar (or wherever was it…)…:laughing:

da wei to Uganda my bruddas


JA…THATS RIGHT…UGANDA!!..and to mythical…
thank you!!

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