Please donate some resistance modules

The boxes hate me for some reason and I need multi resist modules to survive max mythical rank 9 smurfs, who for some reason won’t move on to the skull ranks.

This is why trading should be added peeps :sob: :100:

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take this :wink:

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here,take my legacy resistance module lol


I have an unused Maximum Protector…come and get it

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lol, just got one today

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I don’t use it but I definitely will if I get a Platinum Plating

why not?it’s just as good as a plat

Resistance is important to prevent players dealing 500+ damage to your resistance drained mech.

Use it. It will save you.

I currently have 2 epic platings on my mech…if I get a PP then i will take off one epic plate and use the MP with the PP and I will have more res+HP


btw I got a heronMark just a few minutes ago…is it good??

Depends on how you use it.
A heronmark with hammer combo will deal loads of damage.

Using Heronmark without another weapon to help it is kinda ok I guess.

Heron with flaming hammer Is death.
Heron with terror blade is awesome, but you much be rounded(high energy and heat)

I don’t have resistance legy.

i only got rare lol