Please can some one explain the SPamming rules


Just one question .
Can some one pls explain why spamming by completely random ppl by planting right next to us and using reds which they got from jerk just to spam and annoy is legal.
I am sure such “Rules” have driven off several players. I am only a dumb rookie but something doesnt seem right here…


From what i know, unless you attack them,you can ask the admin to move them somewhere else ( if you are in the middle of the war and those colonys have achivments i think).
Theo was nice enough to prevent things like this in the past by doing so. That doesn’t mean they can’t just plant and attack you right away though.
Unless rules have changed or admins are not helping towards spammers anymore,you can just ask the world admin.


This shouldn’t be the case anymore, spamming is fully allowed by anyone to anyone unless you are supporting the person that conquered you. There was a rule change back in September 2017 as the rules were to grey.

The only exception to this is E5 which has a rule for planting and spamming instantly to stop relocation out posts.


Oh so in other words,its even worst?
Well,this is a dissapointment i guess.


There was a big discussion last september and the majority agreed it was better this way with a clearly defined rule.

that discussion:BD Game Rule Feedback


The response to the rules when they came out was overwhelmingly negative… When exactly did this big discussion happen?


Well,at the end of the day,one thing is clear:
Its no more about who is better,but who has more friends/pays spammers and help more?
I mean i wasn’t around for alot of time,but i have to say,my opinion is that its worst that way.
And with that,guess we have to keep to the topic.
OhMY, seems its all within the rules,so the two solutions are,get more friends,get reds,and do the same. Or just bare with it,survive,and canquer them all.Good luck if its the second option though.


If rules exist just to please the red boosters this game is gone soon


I wouldn’t take it that far and say this appeases red boosters, people who don’t boost hard also make use of spammers. I think what this game needs is a way to make spammers less efficient, since it’s hard to ban em


thats actually untrue lol, spammers are rarely that much of a problem, yes its extremely annoying and no one wants to deal with it, but you wont be losing a war because of spammers, spammers rarely do much more than make untis and spam ops, they wont be taking over an entire area


Can an Admin pls clarify :slight_smile:


An admin did clarify. Elcent is a admin


I though only Joe Theo and Alexander were the admins :confused:


There are admins for galaxy too


o.o Ppl still play galaxies !:upside_down_face: