Please bann the other me. He tries to scam people

I don’t have a screenshot, but I think you saw in different topics.
The fake me with the capital VIPER at the end of the name is annoying me and is trying to scam people every single time. The next time I see him I am going to screenshot it so you know.
There are other people going around screenshotting him.
And his name is
Kn0YTVIPER with capital VIPER at the end. While mine.
is just Kn0YTViper with lowercases.
Worst part about him. He said he was going to bann me for having the same username when I was here for longer than he ever was.


bruh XD

I noted which one is the real one and the fake one.
Also made a lot of progress on this account. Don’t want to lose it again.
Unless you want me to actually get banned you fiend.
Wow great friend.

you understand my humor(no you don t)
first that was a joke
i think that you should write to support team they might help you(make few ss just in case,because they can t ban people just for having same names with others)
there is a second algeriano
a second O_O
etc etc

Not sure why you think a random player would have the ability to ban you :confused:

Feel honoured someone has copied your name. Sarah can distinguish between the 2 of you because of the last 4 digits attached to your name tag. Nothing to worry about.


Thats not why I reported.
He goes around scamming people.
Some guy in chat got scammed by him and he is harassing a lot of peopel if they don’t trade.


Then this is a PM job to Sarah or support. No point posting on the forum as that just delays the process :confused:

Will need the last 4 digits to his name and also some proof I expect.

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No Elcent. It´s very annoying that They copy your nickname. They copied my nickname to incriminate me. It’s not a pride, it’s annoying.


Ok I will PM her then.

bro,names with viper were pretty popular some time ago

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Yeah,maybe just VIPER…Not Kn0TnoYT-Viper :laughing:
That’s a looong,weird yet interesting name.

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Where I type that?

That used to be my original name.

but when I joined the Vipers Prey clan, I had to add viper in my name. And thats how it started.

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I hate when clans force you to change your name or color

red alert clan

Are there clans that do that? As if you had to be uniformed!

It’s a game, it’s not a job, hell! Not that it was the 2018 World Cup!


I gave an example there

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Let’s break this down.
#1 - the only person that can ban someone inside of Super Mechs is me ( or Jess ).
The devs maybe on occasion.
#2 - I don’t ban people just from a receiving a complaint from anything player. I need proof. Sometimes a screenshot is a proof enough and sometimes they are not. However, I always need them.
#3 - A player may have your Nickname, however, they cannot impersonate you. Everyone has a unique User ID number.

So in this case please send me a NEW message with all your supporting material and I will look into it.


Alright. The next time he does it to me, or to someone else, I will send you a screenshot.

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i have proof