Please add trading before inventory limit starts ;-;

There should be a trading button when u look at someones mech, replays, and clans. When you click the trade button, it will lead you to their inventory and u can choose what u want from them and what you will offer. I need this because i have other accounts with too many power kits and little gold and they have over the max inventory limit ;-;. PLEASE ADD TRADING BEFORE INVENTORY LIMIT.


Lol, will not happen.

lol I second that except I will state it like this

Being able to trade with people would be really really cool but I agree it will never happen. Not only would it take money out of taticsoft’s pockets it could be abused beyond belief. It would be another offline battles fiasco…


check my topic :smiley:

I knew people would say “Lol will not happen” ;-; i dont care ima say it anyway and hope that it does happen -_-

It would be alright if they added trading for at least a week (limited)

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you guys do realise that items wont actually be deleted when you’re over the limit right? just means you can’t get any new items untill you’re under the limit


Yeah but that is how they get you… You will be able to fuse easily with legacy and max out something but once you get to where you need to transform you are stuck if you can not open new boxes and get new items to use for transformations.


if trading were to be a thing, when the trade ends both players have to pay for the items in either token (like 1 to 10) or in credits (like 1,000 to 10,000) or trade points which will be refilled once a week. it’s the only way I think would be ok.

Maybe TS will finally figure it out once many are locked out of collecting anything which means NO BUYING anything etc
Then ALL the complaints start pouring in.

I know I will be locked in seven days as I still have 3000 MYTH/LEGENDARY items and keep getting new low level garbage. I mined a few thousand tokens for premium boxes to blow on day 5 or 6 maybe get a few worthy items to boost.