Playing Battledawn (not earth arena) on mobile!



I though that you didn’t had phone.


playing on puffin is really hard but it will eventually grow on you. Definitely would recommend using a computer or laptop instead though.


This is 1 tick fantasy world btw.
Name ign is Zamilus.


Yeah, but I only use the laptop on weekends.
And I want to progress faster so I play on phone when there is no laptop.


Same name duh.


how do you use your phone, i have a iphone and being trying for a long timey


get puffin browser…


There’s a browser named Puffin.
You can install it from the play store.

Keep in mind that it’s a bit more difficult to play on mobile if your phone is a low-end type.
If your phone is strong then it’s all o


the biggest drawback of puffin is that you cannot shift click your units to send them. so for EOT launches, you really hve to send everything, or try sending squad by squad


thank you guys so much


it costs $5 i think, but thats a small price to pay for being able to play BD on ur phone


So BD and BD:Earth Arena are two different things that rule on two different devices (pc and phone)?


BD: Earth Arena is completely different and is solely on phone (unless im mistaken)
Battledawn is on PC, but you can use the puffin browser to access BD on your phone


Ah,I see.


Puffin was free for me?


maybe you bought it before it cost $5, or after when it was free. all i remember is using my dads credit card for it like 4ish years ago


I believe the paid version is simply the ad free version


There was always a free and paid version

I have the free version and it’s still available


Although obviously it’s free to download the paid apk from the internet. I’d suggest that option.