Players restoring hope to a lost game

Because when the devs won’t,the very players will!!

Centurion and Kittymomon,two players that deserve every bit of respect.

I am sorry I could only catch the latter on tape,as Centurion is clearly deserving at least a shoutout in front of everyone who’d watch my shitty videos.

The two players,these legends if I may call them that,shared my struggles.

I have been playing since this morning and,even now,dark outside,Centurion is still at it,Many hours and much effort passed.

These two asked me if I needed a win.Centurion specifically asked me how many stars until Rank 1 and I replied with ‘‘6,but thank you.Kill me :)’’.Even afterwards,he gave me the win,when I am sure that he had more chances than me of reaching R1 (triple Bunker mech,nice and rounded).

I just want to say a big Thank you!! and…I’m sorry that I won’t be able to achieve Rank 1 this week,either.


give the win to the ones that needs it once you got your quota done , you are happy and the one you gave the win to happy , i see this as a win win situation


With help,but I did it!

This moment,I’ve waited for far too long.I’ve shed a lot of sweat,blood and tears for this.I may be dramatizing to some,but we all know the struggle,after all.



Ah, delighted to know that I had a contribution in your achievement. Much love



No,can’t believe it.You’re a forumer too?A ton of love!

You just made my day and helped someone undeserving reach the point he’s strived for so long.I’m not forgetting this anytime soon and I swear the next matches are all yours for me to at least try to pay you back.

Just not this week,I can’t play Arena anymore.This is unreal.


Ah yes, I’m centurion, madara’s copilot and a legacy veteran.

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Madara aka forgotten left a long time ago. This dude his copilot.


I think you’re a ray of light.

So you are Centurion,the dude who helped me get here twice and Madara’s copilot??
No…Is this what they call fate? :laughing:

I’m too excited,I apologize.Please tell Madara the good news,too,as he really wanted to see me reach R1 (but don’t forget to tell him your huge part in it,this isn’t just my merit).

I-I’m at a loss of words,I don’t know.Even my friends’ jaws dropped;they saw me play like a madman when they asked me to come over night.So you just made so many people proud.

Definitely, Madara is promptly connected with me on discord, I’m positive that he’ll cheer up.

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Well congratulations mate! :tada: Now you in pure hell of counters…


I know,but he said he’d occasionally check.

And he clearly told me he’d wait until the day came in which I reached Rank 1.The way he said,the kindness and hope,I couldn’t forget it.

This is why I tried so hard the last time as well,which made me wreck my nerves.Because it’s for him,too.He’s one person I don’t want to let down and yes,he means to me.He’s always been there.

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Haha, I feel you.
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Thank you so much!

That’s perfectly fine. Happy to help

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I’m actually surprised that Centurion is such a calm guy

Kudos to you mate

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