Players like this Should be banned


:smiley: :+1:

and the colt under the suit? :wink:


LMAO isnt that what i just did! ? See where it ended! No one gives a Sht


Only report sent through PM to Sarah are taken into account, so stick with it instead of starting a fight on the forum. That’s just a suggestion, though :slight_smile:


Ohh alright will do! Tnx


I called a thief a thief . Elite player has been a thief for a long time. He was kicked from my old clan for being an as. S hole to noobs. He is a no talent hack. Cheating goes largely unpunished here. If you have an issue report it directly to Sarah and have some patience and persistence .


i am not ELITE PLAYER, i am KEVIN ALEJANDRO 25 you are confused, i am not noob, i am one leyend lol


I was not aware. It seems not much has been done. I am sorry for your inconvenience. It is easy to ignore . That player is not a threat to you nor myself .


Lol he stolen his account


If rhe admins will ban / mute him then it will probably fix this nonsense.