Players like this Should be banned

Yes correct, that what you said is absolute nonsense :exclamation:

At that moment - like you did - when you gave your password to others, it is your responsibility and very stupid :exclamation:

And your example is also “manipulated” that it fit into your story :exclamation:

Wake up, before it is to late :grey_exclamation:

Read and LEARN …

Quote from the TCPP form tacticsoft …

Always glad to help you and to correct your wrong thoughts.


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michel you always with intelligent words and very logical, they are bullets that hit with such force to those people, without a doubt you are the best one to help this type of people that speak things that not even they themselves understand.

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My opinion is in the middle. On one hand, simply refusing to give the password stops this “thief” in his tracks. That does not mean he is blameless. It is not the simple password stealing, but the manipulation that is the problem. Many young children play this game who may not have the wisdom you possess. If an internet predator convinces a child to meet up with them, and the child is abducted, is the child to blame because he or she agreed to go?


This game is made for children 13 years and older, and someone with that age knows perfectly well and bad, also there he says that you should not share your password or user with anyone, although I know someone very stupid with almost 50 years who did it, lol

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Yes I am absolutly with you …

I just point out 2 things …

  • if you give away your password, it is your own fault

  • I do NOT protect the account scamming, that is bad, which also is correct

BUT to only say, IF you gave away your password, it is the others fault, is pretty stupid :exclamation:



in other post you and your associates in the forum to support ideas and paranoid thoughts (hired to give “like” to how much incoherence they say) affirm that they do not insult or offend anyone, that those who do that should be punished!
then I do not understand what you’re talking about …


You do not forget that I still keep an ace in my sleeve …


Yes exactly what I also thought …

" we are the good ones and do not insult others, etc etc blablabla"


If you want the devil to make a visit just tell me, and I assure you that you can not sleep in days

Is it your own fault if someone steals your wallet because it´s open? Well no, ma’am! You may have been careless, but the thief is still a thief. A person of honor will tell you “close your wallet, please”. A thief will put his hand.

80% of thefts occur due to some negligence or overconfidence of the affected party. But that does not exempt the offender.

“Filthy thief! Like all account thieves, his henchmen and the stupid ones who defend them!”… Im in a public forum and I cannot use the words that these despicable people really deserve. But believe me, I´ve been too soft.


Happily, I am an atheist. Don´t get stress, if you are clean, all right to you.


You are an account thief


where this fat man came from? who steals the account? your mom? honey boo boo? LOOOOOOL

Did you know that I am still receiving private messages in this same forum from the account that they hacked from you? The same hacked account that they used to steal my acc. It seems that the thief still walks through this forum. And the language he uses, sells it.


big lol , great conversation!

who’s your suspect?

Look to victim and offender:
one is stupid, another one (mostly damned unpunished) immoral.
Who is activ, and who passiv?


Lmao moderators close this nonsense topic please.

So this went from a shitty clan leader being exposed to a shit show in under 16 hours. Jesus man, now I see why people Don’t visit the forums. It’s cancerous everywhere you look.

This is exactly why I still visit the forums. :wink:


So to sum up what originally was a serious problem, but deviated into a nasty argument among several pilots…

  1. What ELITE PLAYER did was despicable and shows the true “value” of his clan… And believe me, I know what I am saying, before the times of SM Reloaded, and even long before me joining Reign Reforged I used to be a clan member of OLD TOP PLAYERS… I believe they were pretty close to what we see now with ELITE… and this is what happened, just to remind you…[quote=“Mordulec, post:78, topic:3699”]
    Regarding OLD TOP PLAYERS…
    Hi guys, Let me make an official statement. I seriously doubt that this chat conversation really meant an attempt to cheat the game engine. I think this was rather a childish try to impress others, with no serious implications. However, as my nick is printed on the screen related to chatting about cheating in game, I want to state I have nothing in common with the clan OLD TOP PLAYERS. The moment I saw this screen posted on the forum I informed the clanmates I am leaving and do not wish to be associated with any activities related to cheating. I left OLD TOP PLAYERS and moved to another clan. I am clean and want to face clean competition.
    Cheating is cheating, and no matter what implications are related to it, it should be punished. Period.

  2. In relation to @Wepwawet arguments, I totally agree with you, my Beautiful. However, remember the wisdom of nations, or a well-known proverb “Opportunity made the thief”! So the golden rule is to be somewhere in between — you do not have to TREAT everyone around you as potential thieves, but at the same time AVOID stupid mistakes that make people easier to steal from you. That is not that hard, after all… In my opinion, this is exactly what people call “common sense”…

  3. Regarding the tendency of driving away from the original topic in our forum — this is in fact pissing me off more and more. Every topic just gets away, and the key message gets lost. People, try to stick to the matter and if you want to do some private excursions, start your own threat. This is not that painful. It happens way too often.

  4. To new/unexperienced players: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CO-PILOT in Supermechs. To make it clear: if someone contacts you in chat with such a question (Co-pilot your account??), the guy just wants to retrieve your credentials from you in order to take over your account from you. It is a scam. Report it immediately to @Tacticsoft.