Players like this Should be banned

Leave random players asking to copilot your account, now even team leaders ask to co pilot you!

This is what happened when I Rejected one of them - ELITE PLAYER leader of r4 clan!

I think these ppl should be banned


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He’s a known account thief. :slight_smile:


If reading these forums has taught me anything. The devs will change his name and let him continue this shit.

Unless they actually ban now, which with this behavior from clan leaders. Should deserve perma bans.

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I agree but these scammers don’t deserve to play! Especially be leader of a RANK 4 CLAN!

I agree as well. I had believed the devs/mods would handle these kinds of players more seriously.

Here’s hoping he gets perma banned. (IP banned if possible, no need for this kind of trash here.)

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anyone can ask for accounts or tokens, idiot is the one who delivers that information, so if you do not give any information feel calm and play happy


they ask me for accounts and tokens at every moment and only ignored those people, I do not see the importance or the crime, for that the administrators placed the advice not to give their password or user


Yes for random players I agree, But now top clans requier copiloting ?? And kick you I’f you refuse? That’s ####

Now what’s the use of being in a clan of thieves? move away from those people, the wise see evil and move away

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Yes you agree that they r a clan of THIEVES !

When newer players start joining top clans they find it necessary to start copiloting! That is wrong ! !

Unless you r ELITE PLAYER or one of his copilot’s I don’t find the need for you to Support him when both you and I know it is wrong

I’m just telling you to ignore that person, make a clan for yourself, be the boss, it only costs 5 coins, the elite clan is not superior, you can make a better one, think big,:wink:

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Nah you can’t ignore that,

This 1 player alone must have made all 23 other members of his clan to copilot , that’s bad,

I remember Nemesis9 had joined the clan yesterday and he was also kicked(or he might have left but I doubt it) though hes kinda good , better than 3/4th of his other team mates.

Maybe for the same reason !

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Maxi Ramos used to have an Argentina’s flag , he doesn’t speak English

from one day to the next he stopped speaking Spanish, he changed his country and he promotes the Elite’s Clan

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He steal his account

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1st …

  • how he stole the account :question:

2nd …

if you lay down 500 dollar in a park, and you go back 30 minutes later to that place, and the 500 dollar are away … you would also cry “my 500 $ were stolen” :question:

Please ALL who accuse others about such things, think about that :exclamation:



loooooooool, It’s not the thief’s fault, it’s the fault of the one who gives the keys to the thief

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First of all this thread is NOT a complain against “Stolen” account ! This thread is a complain against a top clan leader who asks members to let him copilot them in order to stay in the clan!

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it’s the same story where the abuser boss wants the body of the most beautiful girl, if you were the girl you would do?

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In such case what should the Police (law) do?

Filthy thief! Like all account thieves, his henchmen and the stupid ones who defend them!

If a thief steals in your house, because you left the badly connected alarm or the door closed badly or allowed him to enter because you thought he was a friend, the thief stops being a thief? Justice will say … this man is not a thief because the door was open? Well, no! He remains a thief and will be condemned as such!

Therefore the excuse of “he stole you because you gave him your password”, absolutely is a stupid excuse.