Players going to lose: why not quit battle?

Why people lose our times by not quit a clearly lost battle?

When I see I am going to lose the battle (enemy too hard for me, bad luck in my shots, etc), I quit, so both me ant the other player continue playing another battle.
But some people keep fighting till the end, being very clear that they will lose. Why they lose that time? The amount of gold they will earn is not worth the time taken by a lost battle. It’s better to quit and search another battle, go to campaign, or go back to Real World.

Why on earth people keep losing our times by continuing a clearly lost battle?

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Why are you even playing the game?

Just play slots.

Thanks, LG.




Quitters are shitters




You see, some players have a certain weakness or method of fighting. If u leave the battle early. You may be making a mistake. U can use the battle to find out the method/weakness and try to not lose the next time u face a similar mech.
I have seen that some players have a tactic to be used at the end of the battle (it generally causes a lot of damage). U could use those tactics to get yourself out of a tricky situation.


Ahaha. Funny. Very funny.

I was not exactly trying to be funny.
Not too stern also.

Have you ever heard about Honor among warriors?

It’s the code of fighting a battle till the very end, win or lose, because it isn’t about the victory or the loss, it’s showcasing the honor that you show when you’re fighting the battle.

Quitting a battle is not showing honor at all but rather, it shows cowardice and weakness. It shows that you are too afraid to stand up to a challenge because of the fear of losing rather than embracing that loss in order to use it as a stepping stone in your development in character and strength.

That’s why we all fight to the bitter end… Because it is our obligation as mecha warriors of steel and blood.


I think this is also something related to psychology, maybe some people don’t want their names remembered as quitters?

Honor in gamble game. That something

My friend … sometimes losing for a long time can bring more benefits than you can imagine …


If you take that long to destroy someone whos already lost and complain about it-

In any game, if you’re willing to pick up a blade and challenge someone to a duel, you’ve signed yourself into showing that you are true to your cause and are expected to live up to the challenge.

If not, you’re just going to be marked as a loud-mouthed coward.

That basically happened throughout human history, regardless of the era, so a gambling game with a dueling system is going to have some form of honor code as a result.

That not a game where everyone have same abilities and have same chances to win. This game about or you got max rng and won since the start or you losed because of bad rng.

Games which you talking about looks like not sm.


If I can’t have a counter’s AP then I’ll settle for their time :innocent:


And also why should they quit,sometimes i give the player a win even if they stick around after they realised they lost but still continue to fight


Dark Souls, Skyrim, Borderlands, and even games like Call of Duty have RnG in their damage systems and yet they still have potential to have honor systems.

SuperMechs has a similar concept in terms of damage RnG yet it’s declared to be an honorless game because of thieves and cheaters… But what about the fair players that band with friends to create brotherhoods that are focused on the journey and not on the rewards?

With the dueling system, there comes the ability to challenge others on one’s own desire. They can prove their worth at any time against anyone… But there’s also the clan system that allows players to join together and fight as a whole unit to achieve things that they couldn’t do solo.

And with all of that, there comes honor. Every fight that you do has an impact on your integrity and your honor for every fair loss and unfair win reveals more of who you are to the rest of the community.

Character has been a huge part in determining which player is good and which player is bad… It’s been used to see who cheats and who plays fairly.

I won’t blame you for believing that this game has no honor… But any game that has character depth has room to have an honor system.

Skyrim as example of honor competition fights? Someone stop a planet please :joy:. Sm firstly is COMPETITIVE game. Where player play against another player. Okay we taking DS for example. In DS every death teach you something new and that a pleast when you kill someone vs whom you had a troubles,but again THAT NOT COMPETITIVE, tou might be want write about online? Well what if i say in all 3 parts INCLUDING DeS on ps3 was broken asfck? Honor system which you talking about when for both guys gave same sticks and same stickman and say only one survive and on skill and tactic u somehow kill him, THAT IS HONOURABLE COMPETITIVE SYSTEM, not all shit what you trying write here.

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U got a quite a bit of nerve to be saying that, do u understand how things work here? Your ideals do not revolve around us, only you, don’t try to controll other people, if u say that if someone is losing and doesn’t decide to quit, you shouldn’t be here, u don’t understand truly how battle works, no one is gonna quite a battle just for u, so don’t be acting all high and mighty bull shit, c’mon man, BULLSHIT