Playerbase survey


Alright , this is the second survey of mine about the opinion of the entire player base , how much do you enjoy the game even if you paid or not ?, enjoying the gameplay mechanics ? is the game balanced or not ? are the recently updates/portals good ? do you find it satisfying to go grindings for getting items ? feel free comment below on how much you liked the game , what makes the game bad , what made you like the game , show all your opinions about how bad/good the game is below

PS : If you do open prem boxes/packs or fortunes recently ( portals dont count ), please tell me how often do you get legendaries/epics off from them and what level you are , dont forget to mention your level at the time you opened them , needed the numbers for my calculations , love you all.





No. It bores me to the ground

Definitely not. Arena shop is making energy drain and physical damage go crazy

I liked this game because I’m a huge fan of mechs and scifi stuff.
What makes the game bad is because now it’s such a big p2w game where you must also grind like a person with no life to get items


Soo…here are the anwser’s of mine.

I enjoy it…except about losing my acc…bug’s…etc.

It’s fine…my pc can handle anything…(maybe not anything)
I rather more enjoying it.

Of course it is…on my opinion.

The update’s sometime’s make’s everyone sick…But i am fine.Soo the update’s are not that bad.
The portal’s are…meh pretty good,but it need’s to be esay…
Just my opinion right?

Sometime’s…If i get legy,myth and epic…they will make me happy.

Let’s to be honest.
Everyone hate’s 2v2…
Like everyone.
Also…about losing too much acc’s…
Sm need’s to shut down facebook login
For the safety.

I can’t lie…but everything…
Pretty much all of it.

My sec account is geting TOO MUCH Epic’s…now in my fourth account are rare…wich of course is trash.(im speaking about fortune)

Sec acc is probably 130
Fourth is…62,im geting 63 right now.

Ill just rate this game a 8.5
Because everyone made sick because of update’s.
And even made me an losing 2 acc’s.
But im gonna give him a third chance.

Phew…that’s all personal question’s of mine…
Hope you have a good day.


No to everything.

I’d rather not talk about my opinions about the game, or I’ll get a flag. :slight_smile:


No wonder if you are here now.
But ok.


A “survey” is supposed to be a poll…

Not too much;pretty disappointed.
I did pay and got nothing worth even a 1/50 of the price.
And I’m getting less and less items,actually.
Plus I go against all these smurfs in the arena which gets me even deeper into disappointment.

The mechanics?
I really like the game’s style overall.
Idk if that could be classified as a mechanic,but the RNG is terrible,at least for me.

Smurfs,these drop rates,craved items that some pay a huge fortune and others get for free,arena,hackers…
No,I think the game is anything but balanced.

Hell no.
And I’m not going to comment further because I would fill the entire thread.

Not for me,but it seems that others have gotten a fair amount of (good) weaponry.
So I’m pretty 50-50 about this one.

They nerfed the drop rates…
I’m getting less and less material for fusing and transforming,not to say that I’m not getting the items I need (yet,but it’s gonna take a huge while for me to get the engines and the other Annihilation for my next build).
Overall no…I used to waste less time to get a lot more items before the couple updates.
Don’t even get me started to getting actual good items.
That doesn’t happen.

As stated above.

Smurfs destroy the arena.
It was never as bad as it is now.
People that kill you just because of their items,with lo logical build,with no strategy,clicking the first thing that comes to hand…
The lack of items and unfairness between them.
The unfairness to many players,including everyone from before #Reloaded that had all their money and time rendered useless,the unjustified “brilliant” updates of forced 2v2-only,Arena Shop,nerfs etc,the unfairness between players who spend and those free players that get top-notch items outta thin air (then most become smurfs that make our lives harder,again).
The extreme “luck” term,excused by “RNG”.
The lack of many things.
Yeah…It kinda sucks compared to what it used to be.


Lake is disappointed everything about this…
Pretty much you will quit this soon.


Hope the developers saw this and fix about whats bad about the game and think about better way to fix them Or not


I have edited my post because of your more edeting question’s.
Please re-read if you want.
Thank you very much.


I doubt it


I don’t know…
I have people here that are counting on me…
I am indeed very,super-disappointed but there are still a couple things that I enjoy.
But i have no clue for how long,just like the 3v3 and actual items and progress going on…
Ah,and fair gameplay.
Aaahh,and items worth the money.
Aaaahhhh,and actual strategy.
And many more.


Nailed it…i knew it that you are even more ‘‘happy’’


Well I guess the game isn’t SO Bad…

But if they come up with another devastating update, I’m giving away my account to those “traders” in global chat.


Knowing this game since 4 years in and out …

  • it was a really great, funny, exciting, challenging, extraordinary and entertaining game :exclamation:

WAS :exclamation:



Acctualy it was more than a 4 year’s.
I think it was 6 year’s…you gotta think possitive my friend.


I’ve known about this game since 50 million years ago. I’m the oldest SM player alive.


Nein…I am the oldest one…
Not first but oldes’t af.


I enjoy it if i’m not meeting salty players


When i get good items or lots of items then yes

With l-m items in game it will be imo


i just hate the drop rates, the protal difficulty and… the grave diggers health, then i think the game is good


Game requier a loooooooot of luck, and some brains, but its fun :slightly_smiling_face: