Player-Tick Cap


I believe we should have Eras closed to new players past a certain tick, for obvious reasons. I know it is a setting, but it should be automatically on each era.[poll public=true]

  • Automatically set to tick 500
  • Automatically set to tick 750
  • Automatically set to tick 1000
  • Other
  • Tweak (explain)


No, just no. I had eras where we would join tick 500+ and still win the round. But a possible solution is to close for new accounts. When people make multies they make new accounts.


yea but tick 1000? they have players that place when others are occupied in a war just to attack while they are away


As I said maybe for new accounts. tick 1000 there is still 1500 ticks in the era left. I can bring a whole team and possibly change the course of the era.


possibly, but why wait until tick 1000? why not place sooner? there has to be some hidden agenda besides the element of surprise. thats way too risky; to place and start boosting, i think tick 1000 should be the cut off. No real reason to place after 1000 unless u want to cause problems


if you forget to place at start, you have 1000 more ticks to place.


There are couple of good reasons, before these things were pretty common. Placing late in the era to kill someone you dont like or something like that unless worlds were full or pretty much done by tick 1000


I agree with @Muha since you never know. Their may be some people wanting to Just Watch the era any point in era if it in a very interesting stage or anything! You never know.
Their may be someone placing to join any of the pre established team replacing a member.
I have seen sometimes where someone places in the mid war to replace an inactive player and the new players catches up by Boosting. Thus their shouldnt be really such a rule according to me. :slight_smile:
Just imagine you in such a case. Where you have good contacts and the top players know that you are active and capable. They may offer you certain reds sometimes to catch up so you can replace an inactive player. But you will not be able to place due to the rule you suggested for! You could have won that era! But just the rule you suggested, avoided it?
Think mate! :wink:


There is way more evil that could be done than good that comes out of it. Take E3 for example. Everyone is complaining about multis and spam bombers. Why? Because there were people placing right before /during a big war that was going to / is taking place


As I said, developers should make a thing where new accounts cant join after a certain tick.


yea but what about old players with contacts with others who have stakes in the game? wWhat about when they ask them to join just to spam bomb or suicide?


Those multis farming are looked after by Admins!
Those things should be reported and admins will surely look further.


Eh I don’t like this.

First what defines a player as new? What would bar them from entering?
Second, I’ve come into eras at tick 900-1000 and still had an impact/fun back when I was new, I don’t think its fair or fun to restrict people.


I do get your point and ive been a victim of these spammers and multis etc but its better you get used to it and stop crying as its been going on in bd for years people learn to live with it.

It seems you guys are just upset about e3, but to be honest i didn’t see any spammers plant and spam, if anyone did plant they planted and joined a team and played. The so called spammers you are referring to were teams that attacked you due to your lack of diplo because you thought you had already won once you made those players leave the team you were fighting.

As muha rightly said some people plant late on and win. If someone plants a new colony and spams, just report it and admin will ban and sometimes compensate you if the damage was big. The end of the day its a war game. Be prepared for anything and everything to happen.


By new I mean the time the account was created. How many worlds has the account placed in.

About “old players with contacts” placing in the midle of an enemy hive just to spam should be banned perma with no option of geting unbaned. That should keep the old players from doing that stuff because this way they could lose all their medals they achived so far and even tokens they have on thise account.

Rules are written everywhere, but the game/admins clearly dont understand what perma ban means. Once a cheater, always a cheater, end of story :neutral_face:


You have good thought to stop spammers but the way to get it isn’t good.
I agree such players must stopped and by the way of perma ban.

Preventing people from establishing after a particular tick is What I am against. :slight_smile:


I dont understand what you mean by that?


admins dont know how to ban, except Alex. he brings the hammer down. dont play that bs in his era


And later on he request ti get unbaned after the era is iver and comes back again to do the same thing he did last era what got him banned?


who did that, Muha ?