Player & Alliance of the Week (Continuous)


Want to give any one individual or team a shout out this week? Post any names, screenshots, BRs here. :smile:


FS. you got the Br’s


:smiley: Yup. We’re taking on the world on E2. I’m sure no one will remember this :slight_smile:


Alliance of the week. FS or (PLO’s Team)[<-Fighting the entire world] Player of the week, hate or love it: PLO

Honorable mentions (Check E3 to see why):
Archangel (Vahn)
Nightsnare (Alex)
BK (Blake)
No (Trajic)
GATO (Gato)
Tuic (N/A)
Uchi (Susanoo)
El Roy (Roy)
Hi (Yousef)


lmao You naming your own alliance and players
PLO did good but the rest is just BS


I’m naming more than just us… If you look closely.


ooooops but I quit bd


Thanks Mr.B. Glad to see you’re bringing the circlejerk of noobs to forums as well :laughing: Most of those names are the only ones who bothered replying to your weird PMs loool.

Edit: nice job mentioning urself there m8 :wink:


i would call it e3 player of the week rather than in general and i would say traj noob he captured 200 ops in 3 days plus killed a decent amount in those days
and yeah plo did quite decent aswell


If you hadn’t mentioned yourself there maybe I would’ve taken it seriously :stuck_out_tongue:


Me too mate, I think we both honestly have an addiction.


This topic is free for anyone from any server to give a shout out to players/alliances they respect. (Though I’ll admit putting myself on the list was just me stroking my own ego for a moment :frowning: )


:joy: What are you talking about? xD


If you’re gonna nominate your E3 team then I’ll just nominate Yojiro from WILD

Biggest weeb ever <3


Again, I’ve nominated more than just from my team, I’m not all the way biased :stuck_out_tongue:


This is for any user from any era to give shout outs to anyone. You all have a voice as well as I.


Relax B I’m only joking :smiley:

I’d like to nominate everyone who spammed us on F3 tho, they really accomplished a lot :slight_smile:


xD I think I did some damage to BD (the player) on F3. I was there just messing around :smiley:


Ok,just 4 words:What the freaking hell?!


Closing in now on the end of the week. We got an early alliance/player of the week. Any thoughts on who the next ones might be?