Platinum Plating vs Maximum Protector


Which is better? If you could only use one or the other which would you pick?
I have been testing my mech with each and to me they are about the same game effect.
What do you guys think?

An idea for buff useless items and nerf op items

If I’m using a heat mech, Maximum Protector.
If I’m using physical, Maximum Protector if I have space, Plating if I don’t.
If I’m using energy, most likely Plating, and use the extra weight for weapons/other items.


And I had these doubts ever since I started playing SM (ok, maybe little later, but still…). And if in the previous version the resistance was key to your survival, especially in the God Mode, now I believe it is not that important. Case study: one of my fights with Welcome Top List. He has like 71 res, I have only 22, but we both run maxxed physicals, based on Annihilations and Nightfalls. But the difference is I pack 2 annihilations, he packs 2 nightfalls. And we started in range 3-4 I believe. So after 1 or 2 salvos I just closed the distance and… The outcome was he could stomp me (less damage as compared to side weapons) and then use the side weapon. Then in my turn I went a full salvo and booom… Welcome down. So the secret is really in the build and not in the resistance. Right now I say plates are more important. Still waiting for my second legendary one!


Hi, @ToxicDoll. To supplement my description, watch my recent replay against Welcome Top List. Difference in resistances like 50 points, and yet I win. HP is far more important.


best to think of the resistance as 39 protection every time hit so it depends how long a battle lasts.

If you take just 5 hits as they have big weapons you’ve avoided 195 health damage. Therefore it would have been smarter to take the 315HP if those 5 shots kill you. (You’d of taken an extra 195 damage from the lack of resistance but had an extra 120 HP left)

However if you take 8+ shots to kill then the resistance works best. (Shots not turns so that you factor in the drone)


My 2 cents, extra health over resistance every day.


none this game is cancer becuase of these 2 items