Platinum Plate & Transform Relic Bundle


man wish it was a token sale
I mean we could buy it with tokens


wtf man this is token sale, and u get PP ?!?!!?

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so you’re buying tokens with tokens?

fcking dumbass lol

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Efficiency in gaining a PP XD

Now this is just a pathetic blatant pay to win offer , with such money i can buy 2 copies of GTA IV for me a friend as a more meaningful gift


50 dollars? offer to children here

parents will not be happy.
adult people not happy at all .
player pro angry

the supermechs team you really disgusting!

it’s not normal, the impossible continues like this

update : not been done

bug :not been done

blackfire weapons : downright ridiculous



all event offer since 1 year at least 3000 dollars, 10 times more expensive before

true SM story record

For those rich persons out there: Instead of buying that offer why not use your money and donate it for the ones who are affected by the virus


Honestly $50 is way too much for a game.
Maybe check other games? Where with $3-$5-$10 you can get good stuff? Take example from them?
Yeah, a PP is big deal in Super Mechs, but this offert doesn’t worth all this money.

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@Weedman this is a nice Idea! Also, for those who still play, not as me, think what you Can but for 45 dollars…

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70$ for me!!! That’s a huge amount!

Tactisoft is completely disconnected from reality!

I’m mean c’mon guys! It’s a time to support each other…

It’s like half a grocery for a family of 5 … 2 bottles of good Gin and I bought Luigi Mansion on the switch for the same price!!!


Thats actually the regular pricing for the token chest, plate and relics are being throwed in.

I however agree on the pricing policy.

(Alcohol is way more expensive where i live, sadly the is a 300%+ tax on those here)


This is an example of what not to be must do in difficult times, where everyone’s solidarity is urged to get ahead. Here nobody can be indifferent and continue with his life as if nothing happened, because:

  • there are people who are dying
  • there are thousands of sick people
  • there are millions who are confined to their homes around the world

These are times when the internet and all those who provide services over the internet must unite and show solidarity with the situation, facilitating the conditions of confinement for all those (sick or not), who must remain in their homes.

We are all going to have financial problems this month and maybe for some time to come. We cannot go to work, the economies are arrested and governments are trying to smooth the situation by granting emergency compensation to those most affected.

And in this situation, you cannot take advantage of the fact that more than 1000 players are connected every day (because people are in their homes), to try to sell items for $ 50 and less at a time when the dollar has skyrocketed to very high prices.

If you don´t want to be supportive, it´s better that you don´t sell anything. But it would better demonstrate its human quality by giving players free items or more and better entertainment (for example putting up more item portals with good drops).

The game is yours and you can do whatever you want, of course, no one disputes that. But learn the values ​​of solidarity and cooperation. Because the world will not be the same after this experience.

@Sarah247 @Mohadib


That’s 70 Canadian dollars, which at the time of writing this is equal to 48.81 US dollars.

You actually have the sale at a slight discount due to conversion rates. Either way, stop complaining and don’t buy it :rofl:

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Conversion is really messed up…my salary didn’t follow your logic…

It’s still the same 70$ to me as it was a month ago…

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so dumbass you are…? he meant a sale buy able by TOKENS really mate stop being foolish …?

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As an openly P2W player, I wouldn’t take this deal either guys =P. I’m also all for banning $ for item deals. It should always be tokens for items. If they want $50 USD, they should just make it 3000 Tokens, etc.

(my 2 cents)


I agree. All offers should be able to be purchased as tokens instead of just cash

Then you have to come to me in Berlin.
You pay 50 cents €:Biere: in the shop for a beer. cheers