Plasma Manta: New energy drone

Plasma Manta

-Weight: 30
-Electric damage: 20-50 (Epic) 80-110 (Mithycal)
-Energy shield damage: -5
-Energy damage: 15
-Energy usage: 30
-Energy regeneration on enemy: -5
-Tier: Epic - Legendary - Mythical

Sprite by Cyanine



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Wait, those are the stats in mythical?

I doubt it…

dunno why

Sure hope not

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It should be in the game look cool

That’s sort of like a wimpier anguish but with res drain… Z = energy (meant to look like a lightning bolt)

I say not enough res drain, not enough regen dmg, and not enough plain dmg. For the very least it needs to have more dmg, more like anguish’s. At least it’s e-m…

see now …