Plannin to get a new name


I’m planning to get a new name but I can’t choose whether of these three names should I choose:

  • Wardblur_ (long time IGN in my games)
  • fQrest (CS:GO fan :3)
  • The Mochinator (idk why and how I got this name tbh)

Wardblur_ is kinda ehh because I find it boring for some reason. Ever since I played Cs 1.6 (I know, I’m soooo outdated) I already used it as my IGN for some other of my games.

fQrest/f9rest/f0rest is pretty much my favorite player in Csgo my CSGO Idol which i religiously worship per tournament ッ. There are many more other players out there like kennyS and ScreaMy but mmm nope just for some reason ( idk to be honest )

The Mochinator is just a random name that I thought. Could be the mix of Terminator and my current IGN Mocha(Lust)

Don’t ask me why I put the word Lust in my IGN

So tell me what do you guys think. Which is more appealing? Pick a choice:

  • Wardblur_
  • fQrest
  • The Mochinator

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Mocha Latte <3


What about:

  • 4Tanith
    -UHLOS (User Having Lots Of Skill)
    (Idk I just looked to my still not used names list)
    Becouse (sorry) i dont like any of your names


I would not use fQrest. Be Original :slight_smile:


Just keep the Mocha(Lust). Simplicity is best for me.


Is better f0rest :slight_smile:
A suggestion: You can also put the name with the team tag, example: NiP.f0rest


How about “Macho Macho Man.”


Macho Macho Man? wtfu…


Macho In Spanish=Man


If so…then its “Man Man Man”


Well I guess so that would work but ehh I feel like somethings missin


Alright I guess I’ll go with my original ign. I don’t really want to complicate stuff over just a name (ツ)
“Mocha Latte”


Nooo, make new one. I know in many games at least … … I counted 32 Coffee names players :expressionless:


Join the dark side. Make it a corgi related name. Do ett!!


Fluffeh’s weeb pillow


But that’s your name feifei


Too late sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope sorry P:


Hell naw :x


Kaen’s dakimakura?

Kaen is handsome and has a great personality. Literally perfect in every way.


-Searches meaning of dakimakura -

-Goes on images-

Oh my…