Plain gray weapons


alright i’ll shut up now…this kid is getting annoying


I’m not a kid I was back then but not now.


shuddup,i’ll also will


Ok sorry I was just curious about why they got rid of it I’ll stop now.


So basically a pure damage type? Sounds like a pain to counter


Yes exactly it was in the game and it was very overpowered when I was using it because I was the only one using it except for some people


It was hard to get it in the game


physical will become useless…


Eh not really back then I used all 4 sword types on one mech and 2 heavy blasters as two far rang weapons so I could hit my opponent anywhere on the battlefield.


Hmm… nope Physical would be useless then


lol you consider yourself strong back then but you equip 6 weapons


6 weapons? Jeez, Where’s the room for modules…


Well I really didn’t need anything else all I cared about was health and damage so ya that all I really needed.


in legacy times 3 or 4 weapons or even 2 is good enough…


Gray sword was a physical weapon.


Legacy of discord is that what your talking about?


what is that weapon lol.


I thought you were talking about another game sorry.


Did you put a like on it because it was funny to you?


Legacy of Discord is a game that isn’t in the App Store anymore and I still somehow have it but no one else does talk about easy am I right.