Pixel Art God Mode

I finally made this beast into pixel art!

You see that tiny, TINY multicolored splotch in the bottom right corner? That’s my signature “cyanine”


Nostalgia hit me…

I bookmarked this so that I will never forget.

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Remember the time when this was an actual Impossible Challenge? Also remember the very old time where it’s guns can only hit 1-2 range?

I remember wehn it couldn’t shoot at all lol.

He just stomps all the time. But yeah, there was an update whete he could shoot,

I remember back then, when God Mode only had 1-2 shooting range, I used a combinations of Twin Termination and the heat version of it, then I won in a few more rounds XD I even thought I was a pro of doing it.

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Also that God Mode is a pixel art, it is made with 640x700 pixels (640 pixels wide and 700 pixels high)

This is the original one



Back then,never use mechs that needs rockets or bullets to fire,because it has 1650 hp with 0 resistance and you’ll run out of ammo before you can kill it

Exactly, I learned that when I still had rockets and stuff before Twin Termination came by.

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You said pixel.

So make a 8 bit god mode.

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8bit God Mode, so like a tiny, TINY God Mode… Ok.

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THAT OLD GOD MODE!:grinning::rofl::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl: