Pilots how long have you been playing supermechs?


Belive it or not i started playing this game back in 2013. Workshop and campaign were so much different and there were only common and rare items.
I will leave some screenshots that i found :grinning:

Feel free to tell me when did you start to play this game.


That actually looks very cool!

too bad I started at 2015 .-.


Oh yES !

I remember this screen lmao

I played Supermechs back in 2013 for like a week then didn’t until August 2017; one year ago.


I was playing when we had a big globe with campaign missions and mythical items were a thing, then i dropped it and started playing it again after the hated update.


Now I feel like a newbie again :blush:. I started playing just in February.


Znaci…Srbin si jel?

Also welcome.


i dont remember clearly,but i was playing when the old shop was a thing.you know,the one where you could buy items,PAINt and preview mythicals.i think that was around 2014-2015.


Yeah i remember that. Paint was cheaper back then.


we could buy paint for coins and there was black and purple paint.


I played around 2013 until to this date, I took a break for months around 2014-2015


I was playing for 5 years but my oldest accout i still use is 3 years old


started playing 2013 but got an actual acc on 2014 feel old yet?


I played since Battlemechs…

then I dropped and came back during mythical era (around the time David_Jochua saied), then I left again a week or 2 after SM Reloaded, and I came back for good some monthes ago…


comencé en el 2017 !


Almost 6 years ago, why ? (2012)


I just wanted to know nothing else


Idk ask my time machine


What’s the future of SM look like?


I have been playing since 2014, but I quit and came back…sadly SM went downhill

I miss the Shop


If I told you the world would get destroyed as we know it