Piercing Shotgun Mark II


It seems like I can’t use piercing shotgun mark II in PVP, what seems to be the issue?


Sounds like your a legacy player???
But I don’t get how you can’t use your legacy weapon, since people can still use it in the arena.


Not really a legacy player, it’s the only legacy weapon I have and I can not use it in PVP, does it require ammo?


It might.


yes!you can only use lasers


I simply left click it and nothing happens :S


Well i/m lost.


Really? That sucks… I really depended on that weapon long time ago…


You need bullets for that!


Scrap all legacy sht except shields, double use utilities and pushers

Start anew, grow and become annoying in arena by using them


Piercing Shotguns use Bullets…and since the Ammos are no longer a thing, you need to use “Legacy” (old) ammo modules…same with rockets, for Death Punch for instance…