Pick A Drone Guys

Hey guys! I need your suggestions on something urgent!!

I’ve got a new drone called the Face Shocker!!
And I need your help.
Whats better?

Face Shocker Or Crow Or Snack

AAAGGAAIIINNN!!!:innocent: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Face shocker, it is the hardest hitting drone in game.
But is has a special ability, after 3 shots, it needs to be reactivated.

Wait, you can reactivate it?

But How to reactivate, how thats work? It shows 3 uses only.

You just click it again and it comes back. It costs a move.


I like jim beam lvl 9 drone from old sm.
Face shocker drop rate is good i got 4 from silver box. But i have phy build mech no use. I loss 80% match against energy build. I lack many module, Energy engine drop rate is too low. I dont have 1.

That faze shocker does as much damage than my dustmaker ( not included the energy drain ) ._.

Face Shocker for sure. Not sure if it’s better than Windforge, but certainly a hell of a lot easier to find.

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I don’t even remember an update where you had to reactivate it but again more OP for energy mechs :v

163-213 ElDmg, I think that’s dumb i think it should be just 3 uses and only 3 uses.

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You pull it back in and it reloads when you put it out again.


Nerfaholics are hovering over head watching closely giving you just enough time to grow to like the FACESHOCKER, then BLAM SMASH BARF damage cut in half.

I hate ELE stuff anyway so no loss :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

MAX_Kill4Free READ…


Which is why i have not invested in mine because I know people will eventually complain about it and it will be nerfed. I have not even painted mine pink… And it is on my 2nd line mech.


Stop complaining, you have two heat drones available that don’t need energy at all, it’s your fault you can’t find good weapons :rolling_eyes: :speak_no_evil:

Get two annihilations/two corrupt lights, you’ll be unstoppable.

Not complaining and I don’t need tips from you…

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Well, you’re welcome anyways :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy_cat:

I pick this drone


When-IF you upgrade it leave it BLACK so you can have your own personal Blue EYE Cyclops Reaper

Good choice