Physicals... the new meta

Hi Pilots, this is something I want to share from my recent SM experience. So, I struggle hard to reach level 9 in energy drain, while I get massively ass-kicked by physicals… I play 2 energy mechs, packing OP weapons, but guess what… It does not matter. Simply, there is no HP pool boost in the arena shop, and this is the main drawback placing physicals at an advantage. They may get 20% dmg bonus, plus 20% energy bonus. What happens is they get much easier to fire a couple of salvos of energy weapons before I drain them to 0 energy… And the matches are ridiculous ring now… I face 2000-2400 HP physicals with 500+ energy… What the hell? Secound round and I am left with 600 HP… That is so weird, because in theory I should be on par with my drain and damage bonus from arena coins… But apparently I am not! And thinking about it, the answer is quite simple. We can boost all the statistics of a mech except for the HP pool. This is why the gap between the users of HP myth plates and res kits get wider than ever before… This sucks big time, @Mohadib and @Sarah247!


Well, boosting HP in % will greatly advantage PlatPlat users: 378 HP per plate vs 174 HP at 20% bonus.
I’m not sure I wanna see LastOfTheWilds with that 20% HP bonus :sweat_smile:


With due respect mate, I suggest you suck it up just like we did all this time with your ridiculously OP VS’s and FS’s, whilst you laughed in our faces.

Heat is worse than energy. My solution …I converted to physical. I suggest you do the same, or rather keep crying whilst getting azz kicked.



I completely agree with you on the Arena Shop!
It’s ridiculous!

However,I have to disagree on your assumptions on physical mechs.
As a main phys,I get demolished by you guys,best I can do with my phys is bring energies to around 300-400 hp (while the total hp difference between me an my opposed electrician is around 800-900) if I don’t use my switching technique.


I’m going to make popcorn. This thread is gonna rock!


I saw this coming from the start. that’s why I’ve been scrambling to get another physical, they get the highest bonus from the arena shop damage bonus (higher base stats so are given more extra when a percentage is added) and able to up their defense against other types (bonus heat and cooling to improve defense against heats, bonus energy and regen to improve defense against energy) while the key counter to physicals - HP - is not available for bonuses. I had to contain myself from laughing when I saw a few players mentioning how the arena shop would hurt physicals because energies got more drained. I decided not to correct them because its their own damn fault for blinding themselves with the regularly refuted “energy is OP myth”.

feel free to take objection to my analysis, but this is how I’ve seen it from the start. I’d kept my cards close to my chest untill now but since you bring it up I’ll lay them down bare.


You are absolutely right, Splatter. Platplate users will get a bigger boost. So we will never bridge the gap between the platinum and iron plates. There is no question about that… However, right now, the imbalance between physicals and other two types is getting wider and wider. And adding HP to the shop will just bring back the old metadata status quo. So yes, LastofWilds will be over 6k hp (two mechs 3k hp), but others will gain HP as well… And this is critical for energy users, who relay on each and every HP point, and the drain strategy is the backbone of energy mechs… Currently, with almost maxxed all weapons (I was much stronger with red/yellow weapons, before the shop), I have doubts if I manage to reach rank 1… And this was just after last seasons’s spot of around #10-15… That means physicals just completed their 20% damage boost (on average), plus they boost their energy pool…


so nerf everything again~


ELECTRICIANS: Have the most OP weapons in the game, but cry like babies when other types can actually start having a fair chance against them.

The funs over huh …hahahahaha

P.S. everyone knows I HateBlueMechs


There is a kind of cycle here; " energy is OP, you have to completely redisign the game ", “heat is OP, staaaap”, “physical is OP, i lost 2 games after an update without changing anything to my builds, thats not fair”… and the big classic “plat plates should be gifted to everybody”…

Gonna sit with @Mr.E on the couch and grab some popcorn


But…Let me remind you that…physicals have no meta in the first place.
Unlike energy!

still remember this
@lordgorgon is right if stay on and don’t quit I will get a surprise

Man i played this sooooo bad, you toyed with me.
Not gonna happen again (that was a cool battle tho)

—>>>> energy is op, redisiiiiiiiiign the damn game :joy:

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Was quick to avenge my best bro @lordgorgon


you first mech wins me…
if not I will get you next time

Thats what i talking about. Endless. You forgot the 10e87 topics about plat plates

I hate them(plates)

Must be quite a shyt feeling to get beaten by my heap of trash :rofl:

arena these new points, combined with plat plats, simply provide phis builds with the most advantage.
They can protect themselfs against energy now, with higher energy and regen cap, thus reducinf the incoming dmg from drain.
They can protect themselfs against heat, the same way.
All in the mean time, providing their wepons a substantial boost in dmg.
It all comes down to numbers.
The higher the hp you have the better chances you have at dishing a huge amount of dmg, simply by tanking better and dealing better.
Yep phis will become the new meta, i saw that from the launch of the Arena points thing.
Now, you will have platplats phis, with 2400 hp, and wepons that can dish out 400ish dmg/ button, while tanking up better against heat and energy.
There will never be a balance pf things in this game, since it was never ment to be balanced.
Those that pack platplats, and mythprotex will still rule, it is all in the numbers.
The gap between platplats users and epic users, just got bigger.
If we look at the numbers, the 340-510 more hp that a platplat user has over the epic plate user, simply meens, extra turn… that translates to 1000ish more dmg.