Physicals are dead


Flaming scope are very good for physical, because 8 range shot and that the energy mech can’t move too far.

Cost 31 energy doesn’t very much.


I have an energy that beats most phys and a phys that beats all energies . It’s all about design . Nothing is unbeatable anymore . Rising is as close as it gets but even his mechs can be beaten. We test all the time switch modules and a loss turns into a win. Modules are gold in this game now. The Bruce , Lannister , Hamza , edelweiss, even that thief Alejandro all good physical mechs. It’s all about knowing your weaknesses and covering them up better than your opponent exploits them.


…u want compare it with epic redwall (lenny face)?
I set annihilation here, until I got SeraphBlade.


You can always use the no energy heat drone as a physical mech. I see it done often and to brutal effect.


There is the mother of the sheep! And I said it once …

You have 1 energy with 3 death punch. I can build a heat with 3 heat death punch (I have it), and yet it is very likely that your energy is stronger, why? Because I will never get overheated you and if your max heat level is exceeded, my others death punch will never exceed 400 points of damage. Instead, you take away your opponent’s energy and your death punch hits almost 600.

The same happens when you face phys, but worse, because you cancel the drone. And playing without drone is a sure recipe for failure. Of course, the phys can put energy modules, but unless this physicist carries mythical HP plates and myth resis, it´s very difficult for it to overcome you.

This is the imbalance of the game.


from my experience, I’ve been able to build a physical which when paired with my energy wins atleast 90% of my 2v2 battles, and have also been able to construct a physical for 1v1 with similarly high win to loss ratios. I think this whole battle over which mech type has it worst is a little foolish and unfounded tbh, every type has its strengths and every type its weaknesses.


They aren’t dead… never will they be, they are just a bit harder to use.
They requier a bit of tactic now, like when to jump and shot, when to hook and shoot, when to charge and shoot.
It really takes a bit of practice to use them.
The game is about patterns, certain moves that you have to make when you face certain enemies.
Altho paxking 3 bubkers, or magma blasts, do provide a certain advantage, and they are pretty idiot proof to use there are ways of beating them even with simple(epic to myth) items.


they should reduce a bit energy cost of nightfall and night eagle (or removing it totally for this one). That’s my thought, in this way a phsy can really stand against an energy


Aye… but things dont work like that.
Phis now no longer has to counter energy like in the old days.
Now phis is better at countering heat.
While heat can counter energy, CL players with 460+energy, can really put the hurt on enery users, if they follow certain pattern.
While some phis can still pull its weight against energy, given the curent start spawn of range 1 3 5, with the right luck at range 1 and 3 phis can win energy, wont win against 3 bunkershell builds… but can win against the rest.


If you place 2 energy modules, plus 2 heat modules (which is the minimum you need) … your HP will go down a lot. Not only because of the weight, mainly because you only have 8 slots.

No. If you dont have mythical resistance or HP mythical, your phys cannot carry energy modules.


Yes, but there are some phis builds that can really put the hurt on energy, with night falls, using naga torso. 2 spams of nightfall can really criple an energy fast. Then the hook/charge and anihilation can finish them.


if you fight against a mech like socialmisfits, that have 2116 hp and resistence protector, this strategy wont work


In my experience … if they annul your drone in the second turn … literally “you went”


Aye… but misfit has myth hp plates and myth protector, on an energy build.
In that case you dont aply that. Just use a energy build against him, with higher energy and regen… you will melt him down by the 3rd turn,


You dont pull drone, with 400 energy cap, you land a full 4 hits of the night fall… after that is hook/charge and anihilation time. You can rank up 2000 dmg if lucky on the rolls.
But if you end up against a full pledged phis user( 2400 hp) you will lose.


It’s basically very simple. If your phys mech has atleast 2 mythical hp modules you will win most matches. If not then you stuck between rank 5 and 2 ._.


Phys vs. energy is very situational. I once beat a full fused energy mech with Valiant Sniper, Face Shocker, Last Words, Malice Beam, and Hysteria with over 1,500 HP, and won 2/3 matches, the 3rd being very close. Yet against energy mechs my rank with standard builds and a Lightning Gate, I will not win. I go into most energy battles thinking I will lose. Hell, I once fought enough energy mechs for my win/lose ratio to drop below 25%. Point being, all mechs have pros and cons, yet it’s totally someone’s opinion as to which type has pros outweighing cons.


Anyone who has played for a while knows phys drones not requiring energy was a newer concept. WAAAAAY back when the Antares was the phys drone of choice . Everyone that was somebody used one. Tigermask, Dewah… They required energy . It should have never changed .


not it should have not remained like that, Antares, Death from Above, also used bullets.
And they became absoluete after the apearence of high drain wepons.
They were good back then when the highest drain energy wepon were the Orb Cannon and electric grenade(30 ish drain). Once axes and blue flame became available, phis mechs really took a dive.
But this ideea of having an energy free phis drone, need alot of balancing, cause let’s face it, if you also put a drone that hits around 100ish dmg, they will become really too strong to be countered by anything.
Maybe make it weight alot, and not have drain, and also generate alot of heat, and also maybe add a limited uses to it.


I think energy consumption is the balance . You are forced to defend against energy.