Physicals are dead


I was talking about heat and physical types.
Energy types are another thing

And yes,I have.And,while most mechs with such builds have lower health,I managed to win against one with hp on par with my own


There wouldn’t be a difference there, since heat can’t drain your energy. So phys would still be able to use their drones. Phys drones and some of their weapons need to lower/remove their energy requirements. Solely for the fact of how broken and overpowered Energy is.

I just merely want for phys mechs to not be limited drone wise (mostly), because of their need for energy. Makes no sense to me.


True, yet how about the ones completely decked out in meta gear with Maximum Protectors/Mighty Protectors and Platinum Plating? I can’t beat mechs like Rising’s or Jake666’s and they have LESS HP. Plus, I have a maxed Annihilation and Mercy, and the last is considerably OP.


How about you make an energy build of your own?
I am an energy type user (along with 2 other physicals) and of course I get triggered when people talk sh*t about the energy types…They aren’t as OP as they look.Depends on the situation and the build you’re faced with.Not to say that they’re usually harder to play with and be made properly.
And just because you saw extremely OP build in top 10 doesn’t mean that they’re all like that.Not everyone has a valiant sniper,and even if I did,I think it would mean more trouble for my own mech than the opponent’s


Let’s stop arguing over this now.
Every build has its pros and cons.Before acting like you know everything,get some proper arguments.If you complain about energy costs,just upgrade your mech’s energy/regen.And don’t think that other builds are just too strong…
Ever wondered if your build itself is that good?
Energy types aren’t that extremely amazing overall.If you think so,maybe your mech just isn’t good enough to handle one


That’s a question I knew you’d hit me with. It’s honestly not surprising to see people defending and pushing off how over powered one type is.

Look, the problem was about how phys drones shouldn’t require energy to operate solely because it puts them at a disadvantage against energy mechs. The weapons energy wasn’t really an issue, hell for me personally across my mechs, I have back ups to counter those.

My mechs can handle energy well. You and many other energy mains/alts will always defend the strongest type. Why, because it keeps you at rank 1 and beating others without much issue.

Energy drains more than heat, even shitty energy weapons drain a ■■■■ ton. Then they get the energy broken bonus damage. Energy needs a well deserved nerf. Either in the energy broken bonus damage or the drain amounts.

Honestly, I’m not going to continue bothering. I’m done here.


Might I inform you that I’ve never discussed how energy or heat is trash? And about your recommendation about altering my energy, I will have over 380 energy and over 200 regen when maxed, and I STILL find it hard to cope with energy mechs. It’s also noticed I basically use dual Annihilation with a Nightfall strapped on. I acknowledge that all builds have pros and cons, but energy with a drone that does over 250 damage when drained and heat with a top weapon SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to get rid of corner campers, which is where I usually fight heat mechs 85% of the time, sounds like physical is getting ganged up on.

I personally don’t know about the experiences of energy and heat mechs despite for the fact that both are very circumstantial. All I ask for is a slight nerf to heat/energy cost for physical weapons, and for some, have it removed.


Good arguments here @Transcendant @Nemesis9
But even so,you know how hard it is to make a decent energy type.
While some heat and physical items don’t use energy,all energy type items do.
Meaning that,while heat and phys mechs need high hp,cooling and max heat (on builds with energy-free weapons,energy is not a necessity),all energy builds need to buff out their max eng and regen.
That means,we have to sacrifice either some health or cooling/max hp for the sake of having good energy and regen stats.That’s why yes,you can easily beat an energy type with a heat type actually (again,depends on the build).
Seriouslt now mates,let’s get over this and just say they both have pros and cons as a summary :sweat_smile:


This surely was an amazing debate with you guys!
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Agreed. This argument’s kind of getting pointless.

Good debate!


Physical drones should be free energy! In return should not lower the resistance.

And at least there should be 1 type of energy drone that is also free energy.


@Wepwawet Like heat drone is free energy, but it’s weight are so heaving, it phy drone uses free energy
than it will be 40+ weight… more energy/heat cost drone well be lighter ( swoop ) 31energy/heat cost only 24 kg. other heat drone 45kg.


And if had free cost physical version of magma blast physical will be OP


it has a difference between epic mistical and legendary mistical its normal a legendary mistical is stronger than a legendary epic … night fall its an epic mistical it starts purple … mercy shoot gun start yellow more power full


What about purifier, it is a suck legend to myth weapon


physicals are dead? explain this


Bloody nonsense story. Clearly never happened and fake.


I agree! The dust maker and other drones would be more useful. But in my opinion they also have to nerf the heat generate of some weapons.


How about learning to build a mech with what you have? Cry cry cry until they change it doesn’t work. Learn to build a better mech. I had rank one with garbage drone and all weapons started from epics . Quit crying about nerfs and build better machines.


My energy mech (with relatively low hp) can get beat by phys mechs with double max myth desolation and anniahlations.