Physicals are dead


Yeah and that’s the problem… I’m using 4 epic hp modules. They take to much space for things like energy and heat modules and sometimes see players who doesn’t even use any energy modules.
In those cases i will end up losing because they usally have a lot of hp. I don’t understand how those people are going to rank up. But in my opinion they have to buff physicals especially the legendary-mythical ones because they are somehow worse than the nightfall and annihilation.
Btw sorry if my grammar sucks in some cases. It’s late and i’m probaly going to sleep soon.


I have th same problem with my physical. I have to use 4 plates . Sorry


The main reason why physicals are normally seen as the inferior type is because unlike Heat or Energy, which can pull off with 2 or even 1 Myth HP plate/resist mod… Physicals can make room for 3, 4 or even 5 of those. (Welcome Top The List has one with 5 myth HP mods and 1 myth resist mod… +61 61 55 with 3000+ HP)

No one has those numbers of Legendary-Myth HP plates, unless they got incredibly lucky with giveaways/fortune boxes, or were stupid enough to spend money for the game.


It happens that (and this was so before update and after), that there is no mech which can with the 3 types of mechs … if your mech is good to face 2 types of mechs, then that is correct.

Therefore, if you play 1x1, you can hardly beat everyone (energy, heat and phys)

On the other hand, if you play 3x3, can adapt your mech better and play with changes in battle.


I think neither one nor other. But how do you show that there is a cat locked up? The same the pic he published is photoshop.
There is no way to get these HP plates in campaign. With a lot of luck, maybe you have obtained 1. You should add, that you still buy, also need a lot of luck to get more than 1 of these.


Wep is right . You can have a mech good against two types heat phys or phys energy but not all 3 . My mech is weak against one . Every mech has a weakness . It is your job as a pilot to exploit it.


The thing is that i use underrated items like the seraph blade or dustmaker. I’ve maxed them because i tought they were kinda good because those are legendary-mythical items like the bunker shell or ash creator. But the dustmakers hidden stat is useless and the seraph blade is just painful to use even with infinite uses.

Really? 50 heat generation, 13 energy consumption and that 234-376 dmg difference. It feels like that i’m gambling with this item…
Btw if you want i can post the dustmaker too


Dustmaker is a bad drone… but use it since the return value of it… is only 67k powerpoints.
I also have a bunch of maxed myths that colect dust now… because i also thought they were gonna be great… i have a maxed swoop…but i am ashamed of using it :smile:


For physical mechs the only useful drones for Myths currently are Greedy and Void, aren’t they?
After all those hidden mixed energy/heat cap or mixed energy/heat regeneration reduction stats on Hurlbat and Dustmaker are useless for physical mechs that focus on raw firepower.


The maximum damage of dust maker is really cool, 220. If it had a good minimum and a drain resist…


Mind-blowing sword.
Good with using backbreaker.


The reality is that any weapon that consumes energy (even drones) is bad …

Because … you can place energy modules. But u only has 8 slots. The more modules you place, the less your HP will be. So, if you can successfully face the energys, you will be at a disadvantage against heats and other phys.

So you will have to choose. Or … invest a lot of money and get 3 or 4 mythical HP plates. You will need a very good dose of luck for that, even if you are a compulsive buyer.


Just look at those stats…
It might be good in the first sight but that the weapon consumes energy and also generates a lot of heat is not that usefull.
I hope TS would buff some physical weapons :frowning:


This thing is nasty damage though, maxed out one hits harder at -38 -50 than my max myth ani. (Maybe nightfall hits harder at those drains but I’ve yet to myth one so idk).


Physicals need to have lower energy/heat costs for weapons as it’s flat out annoying to spam NightEagle or Annihilation when facing heat or energy because of their low costs. I’m looking at Nightfall having 31/31 reduced to something like 25/25 and NightEagle reduced to 18/18. I’d also like drones for physicals to require 0 energy or around 5; it’s annoying how heat mechs’ drones are energy free.


If anything, make both heat/phys drones require No energy. It’s stupid and really just gives energy mechs more an advantage. And for the other two, I’d say those are fair tradeoffs, although Nightfall could use a little less energy. Maybe something like 13/40 (energy/heat).


The heat type weapons,torsos,drones and modules have already been nerfed once.
As for the energy,just adapt your battle style.I use 2 physical mechs and 1 energy mech.
My physical types have high regen and 2 energy-free weapons(both of them-2 annihilations)
Physicals ain’t dead mate…I usually wreck other heat/energy builds of my level


No.Then the physical builds would be too OP.While heat drones don’t use energy and physical ones do,the physical weapons do more damage than their heat cousins.That kind of damage combined with a drone would be far higher than any heat build could pull off.
It would further unbalance the game,making the physical builds almost impossible to counter



Have you faced maxed Valiants, Face Shockers/Windforges, and Last Words? No? Let me tell you, they have more damage output than physical weapons or drones when you’re drained. Dual Annihilations are also meta for physical mechs whereas energy mechs can pretty much use any energy weapons that go to myth because nearly ALL of them are meta. The same thing goes for heat weapons. Don’t even get me started on rocket mechs. They have equivalent damage output, generate heat, AND have less energy cost for their weapons. Half of physical mech LM weapons aren’t even useful or meta. Physicals need more freedom with weaponry choices, but with the current useless weapons, that won’t be until a long time.


Phys builds aren’t impossible to counter. I’m having a bit of trouble understanding your post, since the original point was for Phys drones to not use energy because going up against Energy mechs and them draining you provided an unfair advantage to them. Where you couldn’t get that extra damage in because of being drained.

If you want to call something unbalanced, look at energy. That shit is broken.