Physicals are dead


So i’ve noticed that i can’t get higher than rank 3. I have a almost full mythical mech with good cooling and enough regen. It’s still not fair that a random guy with one maxed corrupted light can defeat me that easily :angry: It’s not ok too that almost every physical weapon consumes energy. There’re also heat/energy weapons that do almost as much damage than physical ones like the desolation or the last word… I don’t see any physical users anymore since a few weeks. So PLEASE nerf the heat generation and remove or atleast decrease the energy cost of some weapons like the night eagle and maybe drones like clash, dustmaker, hurlbad and much more.
btw i don’t know if this topic should be in the bugs and issues or not ._.

Physicals... the new meta

wow, how about create 3 different-typed bots: energy, physical and heat?
try different tactics and one of them will be work on one of guys.
just try.


I just counted 6 phisical mech users from the top 10.


6 owners of the myth plates.

and how now? at this moment.

Yes, it was often seen.

more drain resistanse, more damage and type degradation plus direct heating or removal of energy.

great idea, it remains the case for funding, resources and time.


Heat builds r one of the most easiest to beat by a physical mech . I have 2k HP 320 heat cap and 200 cooling, even with 1 lvl 30 myth night fall and 1 lvl 30 myth Annihlator, and Max legends void I can defeat any heat from ranks 5-3


get great cooling.

Mythical corrupt is strong but it has a weakness.


Heat is far worse than energy or physical from my experience.
Especially if you compare weapons like for exampe Corrupt Light (heat) with the energy equivalent Malice Beam.
Corrupt Light only deals 93 heat damage as maxed-out myth while Malice Beam deals 117 or so energy damage as maxed-out myth.
At the same time the modules for increasing heat / energy regeneration have the same values so recovering energy is harder than heat because energy weapons reduce energy faster than heat weapons increase heat.

And so as heat user you either need high energy regen and max energy to keep your weapons functioning but then are weak to physical mechs with high damage because of your own low max. HP
or you equip some heavy plates to increase max. HP but suck on energy regen and therefore get owned by any energy focused mech.
So from my point of view I would say that energy and physicals must be nerfed or heat based weapons must be strengthened.

But I do not call for any nerf or buff because I simply decided to first take my time to build a heat focused mech and then switch over to either an energy or a physical focused mech afterwards.
Then the advantages or disadvantages will cancel each other out as I will then be able to switch between mechs.


Physicals without mythical plates = bullshit


Energy is much worse then all. If the enemy takes you to zero you can only jump around, and you are wasting each others time, while you can’t do anything… Overheat skips the time, Shut down makes is much faster.


i have this suggestion:

increase range of annihilation like 1-3
reduce energy consuming of nightfall and night eagle

it seems like phsyical mechs are forgotten by tactisoft


There’re more items especially legendary-mythical ones like the mighty cannon, sweetie, bloodwep the physical version of the windveaver or something like that, spartan carnagege, backbreaker, seraph blade, dust maker and even torsos like archimonde and much more became forgotten…


Physical mechs are still strong, I’m a heater and I get fucked by phys all the time


If my enemy uses items like the ash creator and the heat version of it i will be f*cked. ._.


You know back in time physicals are supossed to not consume energy. Now TS somehow decided to kill physicals.


Wait, there is a Phys Axe ?!

I though BackBreaker was the “physical counterpart” of the Terrorblade and Stormweaver…


EDIT: Um sorry it’s already late in my timezone

Here if you want to look closer at it.


I’m talking about it ^^

I know Seraph blade is a sword, the Premium tier of Redwall


Balance is a must . You may not win every fight but this game has always been about balance . Change your modules around to see if you get a better all around mech. The Bruce has a great physical that most energy cannot beat . Hamza also has an almost unbeatable physical. Higher capacity on energy and cool down on heat and you may improve drastically. Modules are the gold of reloaded . They are prized possessions now .


What really help you in making a good physical mech is the Myth Hp MODULES!

My mech could be more stronger with two of that


Same apply for energy and heat ^^